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glimpseatmyday's Journal

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A Glimpse At My Day
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What is Glimpse At My Day?
This is a re-do of A Day In My Life - share the story of your day from the time you wake up until you go to bed, through pictures. This should be ONE DAY (though may be more or less than 24 hours.) On the other hand, you can also share a 24 hour span of your life not from wake up to sleep. Remember mid-day you want to capture your day? Take photos for a roughly 24 hour period and share that!

CAPTIONS: You absolutely are allowed to include text in your posts, to give context to your pictures and show us what happened during your day.

TEASER IMAGE: Only one image is allowed above the lj-cut. It should be a reasonable sized photograph to avoid stretching out anyone's feed.

LJ-CUT: The rest of the images do not need to be any particular size, though you may want to shrink the photographs so they are viewable. There are no rules as to how many or how few photographs you can post at this time.

MODERATION: Currently there is only one mod (phenomenal). All entries will be moderated before being accepted. I will make every effort to not let this get delayed. If there is a significant amount of posts coming in, I may seek help from someone for moderation.

- Do post time checks if you want! It might help give context to your day.
- Do not post videos.
- Do participate, whether you're brand new at taking photos or a pro!
- Don't post nudity.
- Do comment on each other's posts.
- Don't post items or activities which are illegal where ever you live.
- Don't make mean spirited comments on someone else's post.

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