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I'm Nicki, 29, from South Carolina.


Blegh. Morning.


Hungry kitties. Q always dances around and waits for the others to leave.


Makeup face. You can barely tell. Haha.


Good morning, Luna.


Waiting (im)patiently for permission to eat.


It's supposed to be 77F (25C) and I have to take advantage of the opportunity to wear a cute dress.


Make some coffee for the road. I'm mad because I forgot to wash both of my good travel mugs. This one is broken and doesn't fit in my cupholder properly, and it always spills in my car.


On my way.


I saw an airplane flying overhead getting ready to land at the regional airport right by the university. It was much bigger than what usually lands there, so I try to get a picture to show Josh. It should have been right in the middle of this frame, but it's not there. Eventually I started to wonder if I hallucinated it because, not only was it really big, it was a really weird shape.


I have arrived.


Hey, office.


I decide to water my orchid. My mom gave me this last summer and I killed it pretty quickly. I threw it in the windowsill and kind of forgot about it for awhile, but it seems to be growing. I mostly leave it alone and it seems to do better that way.


Add this lunch to my super-full calendar haha.


I read my newsletter from The Glamorous Housewife and see this thing. I think I need it in my life. Maybe in the new house! I would love to have a mid-century modern kitchen, oh man.


I tell Josh (my husband) about the airplane. (He really likes airplanes.)


I'm getting closer.


It looked like this, but I couldn't say whether it was this exact plane. (I know this is not a weird shape.)


I never use the university library because it's really inconvenient and they rarely have what I want. But I noticed that every volume of The Walking Dead comics is gone from the public library, meaning someone either stole them all, or some crazy person got mad and they had to pull them. I'm guessing it's the latter. Anyway, I happen to notice this...faculty and staff can check out THREE HUNDRED items?!?! Why?!


For someone who is supposedly so busy at work, he sure has a lot of time to text me.


I start looking on my family's Facebook page for old pictures for a project. I don't find any that are suitable. :/


Time for lunch.


Oh, sorry, did I interrupt your nap?

Just trying to destroy this rug, nothing to see here.

This baddie sleeps on my pillow any time he can.

Treadmillz are for kitty yogaz, yes?

As soon as I let her out, she flops down to enjoy the weather.


Take out some ground beef for dinner. Oh hey, freezer burn.


Eat some leftover chicken parm.


I took 3 pictures of him, and this was the best one. Oops.


Time to go back to work. :(


And I'm back. That's my boss's bike. If you met him, you'd never guess that he rides a motorcycle.


Check the mail. It's dark in there and it's too hard to get to the light switch. It's not worth it to turn it on for the ten seconds that I'll be in the mail room.


We only have tiny cups, so I put Pepsi in my coffee mug. It was leftover from a grad lunch, and it's almost flat, so I don't feel bad killing it.


Is it time to go home yet?


I've decided I need a Fitbit Charge HR, so I check eBay.


For whatever reason, our accountant prefers that we give her receipts right before they're due, rather than as soon as we get them. I always feel really weird when I spend a lot of money, even though it's not like any of this stuff is for me.


My coworker brought these in, and they're actually good. They taste like candy instead of chalk! So I grab some, and it's a good thing because my other coworker came and stole the whole bag minutes later.


I start watching Vlogbrothers. John Green, you are a sick person for putting water on your cereal.


This girl left a really harsh and unnecessary comment on one of Hank's videos, so I have to see what her deal is. I see a lot of people calling her an SJW.

I'm not up on that lingo, so I look it up. Turns out it is the technical term for "obnoxious Tumblr (or ONTD) asshole."


Coworker asks if I want to copy her Kelly Clarkson cd, and I feel like I've flashed back to 2004. Also, why am I still in my office at 4:37?!?


Let's get the hell out of here!


My sister texts me for fashion advice. We've lived 700 miles apart for the last eleven years, so we share millions of "should I buy this" and "should I wear this" texts. (She is also 11 years younger than me.)

Nothing exciting in the mail.


Oooh, Puma, Luna is gonna kick your butt!


I'm not sure why I opened this. I know what it is. It's Disney begging me to come back again. We went to Disney World the first week in February, and we've gotten one of these in the mail every week since we've been back!! Piss off! I spent over $3000 on that trip; we are not going back any time soon!!


Get the dress off and make an ugly face.


Throw some laundry in the washer. I promise it isn't stuffed full - I let it fill while I was going to get the clothes, so they're sitting on top of the water.


We got Luna in September (at ~9 months old), and the only thing she still really struggles with is appropriate cat interactions. No, it is not okay to put the cat's entire head in your mouth. No, it is not okay to bite the cat's throat. No, it is not okay to pounce on the cat; you weigh five times as much as he does. So we have a little "How to Act Around a Cat" session. Neither of them is impressed.


The "Feed the dog" alarm goes off, and she runs into the bedroom and gives me a head tilt. "I know that sound and it means feed me!!"


Please don't destroy anything while I'm gone. (Side note: Do you see what my terrible cats did to that screen?! There was a small hole - which they had put there - and one day I was sitting on the couch and one of them had the gall to just plow straight through it right in front of my face!)


This is the worst Lowes in the world, but it's close.


Mmm, wood.


Josh said these 2x4x8s wouldn't fit in my little Civic. Wrong. (Josh has a truck, but the clutch went out. He is at my cousin's house working on it, which is why he isn't at Lowe's with me.)


Not sure if it's allergies or what, but my eyes are bothering me, so I take my contacts out.


Time to get to work. I've never used this saw before (or any saw for that matter) and I'm a little scared.


This is what I'm replacing - one of the ramps in our catio. It was a bad design to begin with, and all of the steps are breaking off. My three cats can get up and down without the steps, but Q doesn't have claws so she can't. :/ (Q was my sister's cat, but we ended up with her when my sister went to college. My dad got her de-clawed. I would never, and I told him not to.)


Ella was hiding in the catio and snuck out when I opened the door. Little shit. She and Luna chase each other around the yard before Ella takes off. (Please excuse that disaster in the back corner of the yard. It was a shelter for Josh's motorcycle and moped, but a tree limb fell on it and it collapsed. Thank God the motorcycle wasn't under it when it happened.)


I made a thing! (And it got dark fast!) And yes, I almost lost a limb several times, but I figured out the correct way to use the saw eventually.


Watch an episode of SciShow. Can you tell I like the Green brothers? (Also, I almost never turn my phone sideways to make YouTube videos full screen. It drives Josh nuts.)


Do my daily WoW stuff.


I've been putting off making dinner, thinking Josh would come home at a reasonable time. I've already eaten a slice of pizza and a chicken finger. Now I need an ice cream sandwich.


Bring it On is on tv, yay! (I own this movie but I still watch it on tv haha.)


Luna thinks she wants to cuddle, but she can't sit still.


Eventually, Puma takes her place.


Josh is finally home. He eats some leftover meatloaf. So much for dinner.


House of Cards. We've stopped letting ourselves binge-watch the Netflix shows because we always hate ourselves afterwards.


Put on Everybody Loves Raymond to fall asleep to. Goodnight!

Next time I'll use my camera. I say that every time, but I always end up with so many blurry pictures when I use my phone!

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