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Thursday, March 7 2019 - a glimpse at my day

Hi there, new to this community, thanks to spikesgirl58 and missdiane. Thursday was a regular work day for me so perhaps not the most exciting of posts to read. Still, it's my life and welcome to it!

Vysila here. I've been knocking around LJ since 2002 and been a media fangirl since the 1960's. You'll see touches of my fangirlishness in today's photos. I live in a smallish (but rapidly growing) town near Nashville, Tennessee (in the southeastern United States).

Overslept! So there are no pix of me racing around like a fool trying to get out the door. But I remembered on the way to work that I was supposed to document the day, so here's a pic of my drive in to town. I live a bit out in the country and can either go the back road or the main road - I like a stress-free start to the day, so here's the back road to town. Beautiful sunny morning but chilly. Not much traffic, as you can see. In fact, since I drive in between 6 and 6:30, there's usually no other cars to contend with. This guy came up behind me after I stopped in the road to take the picture, so he zoomed around me and flipped me the finger. Oops.

web_quiet drive to work

Here's another picture of the back road into town, because they're about to pave paradise and put up - in this case - a 4 lane highway. They've begun prep work by knocking down the line of trees by the road and soon the back road drive will become a nightmare as construction begins. I've lived here for more than 30 years and it's a bit overwhelming and more than a little sad to see so many changes come to this formerly sleepy town.

web_paving paradise

Not exactly a winning photo, this next one. It's the back door to the building where I work, which is in fact our City Hall. I work for the local city government. The building is right on the downtown square and it used to be a small shopping mall. This door where I go in used to be the entrance to the Sears store! I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures of the building, inside and out, but maybe another time.

web_back door to office

Welcome to my office! I'm lucky to have a private office with a door I can close. Some of my colleagues are in cube farms. My friends surprised me years back with the travel art on the wall to commemorate some of the places I've managed to visit over the years. It's nice to have some personal touches when spending so many hours here in a windowless space.

web_my office

And here's Darth Potato, making sure all visitors take note of the sign! I work in IT and believe me, this is a department that runs on caffeine of all sorts. SunDrop is also a go-to drink. I swear I used to have red high heels for Darth P, but either that's a brain lapse or they've gone walkabout. So he's wearing green sneakers now.

web_darth potato

First person in makes the coffee. That's me most days. Here's our break room. Recently updated and quite the improvement.

web_time to make coffee

Now that I'm armed with coffee and my eyes are completely open, here's a pic of me. I'm on the far side of 65 for those who are curious.

web_selfie March

Got my tools of the trade lined up next to the computer. The cranberry juice is because I'm fighting off a UTI - fun, huh? The massive retro microphone is because I do all software training for the city. Besides teaching hands-on classes, I also create lots of training videos and the microphone is a big improvement over the little headset I used to use for the voice over narration on the training vids. It blocks out the background sounds so much better! Oh, and the little cabin picture in the background? My daughter-in-law made that for me. I long to retire to a small cabin in the woods where I don't have to deal with so many demanding and whiny people, so the cabin is complete with a "keep Out!" sign on the lawn. And taped to the cabinet door is a map of Venice, Italy, because that's top of my bucket travel list.


Time to fire up the computer now, to get my first glimpse of some of my favorite badass heroes.

web_hero desktop

Here's the most important thing I do all day. This is my retirement daily countdown. Only 446 days to go!

web_daily countdown

Today's calendar. It's a rare day, no classes on the schedule, but others took advantage and scheduled a couple of meetings. As I said, I'm in IT and in addition to doing the training, I also manage our electronic records system, our helpdesk and am a Tier One support rep. So there are always plenty of meetings to take up the slack. The 10 am meeting is a status meeting for a new software project we're rolling out to manage mobile devices. The 1 pm is because we've run into a problem with some of our electronic forms (thankfully resolved during that meeting) and finally the Customer Service team meeting to make sure we're on track keeping our customers (other employees) happy.

web_daily calendar

My task list is starting to get a little busy looking. Blah.

web_task list

Time for lunch! Leftovers from Wednesday's dinner: kielbasa, sweet 'n sour red cabbage and a dollop of mashed potatoes.


No photos of the afternoon. Mostly meetings and troubleshooting and I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures. The 2:30 meeting went until after 4, and then there were a couple of tasks I had to complete, so I did not leave until nearly 5 pm. That's a long day for me, since I start work at 6:30. I'm usually out of there by around 3:30.

Took the main road home and ran into a bit of traffic. Not much mind you, but it's definitely getting heavier by the day.

web_traffic main road

It's always nice to be welcomed back home. I love this Yoda sign on the front door.

web_welcome home

Not quite done with chores, though. I've been downsizing and purging for about 5 years now, and am still working on purging and organizing paperwork. 43 years of marriage to a packrat|hoarder meant a lot of cleanup after the divorce! But look what a small pile is left to do! This is nothing compared to the many carloads of paper I took for shredding.


And now it's time for a well-earned dinner! Here's baked tilapia and some egg noodles with basil pesto and extra black olives (because I adore black olives) and a side salad. Maybe not the most colorful of dinners, but it was tasty! I was very full afterwards. And of course, some soothing tea to take away the last stress of the work day (in a fannish mug). I am actually a bit ashamed to show you what I'm eating these days. I ate strict keto from 2010 to 2017 and enjoyed exceptional health and control of my diabetes during that time. I loved eating keto, but somehow I fell off the wagon and have indulged in more carb consumption for the last 18 months. Although my labs aren't really bad, they're not as good as they used to be when I was strict keto. I swear, carbs are addictive! Time to get back on the keto train.


And finally, it's time to chill out in the big recliner and read for a while. Here's my current book - it's an English cozy mystery, but honestly, it's not very good. I'm a big fan of English detective novels, but my tastes run more toward Josephine Tey (Elizabeth MacKintosh), Agatha Christie and P.D. James.

web_current book

I've saved the best for last. Here is my beloved Cloudwalker, a venerable gentleman of nearly 17. His health is slowly declining but for now we enjoy as much cuddle and lap time as possible. Here he is, ready to settle down in my lap for a cozy evening in front of the fireplace.


Hope you enjoyed spending the day with me!

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