spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote in glimpseatmyday,

Probably not the most exciting post...

My day always starts with lots of cat plates.  We have nine.  Adn then I checked on our seedlings.  These are beans, peas and tomates.

Pyewacket was helping my figure out what was wrong with my latest quilting project (the sun should be behind the horizon, not in front of it).

Work at the theatre.  I'm  currently trying to put the past seasons (all 69 of them) in order.  Of course, I take time out for odd projects, like typing up a list of words from this jumble and copying scripts to a flashdrive for the Artistic Committee

Spring has arrived here.  I met this jolly fellow on my drive down to pick up my hubby from work.  The flowers are from around our place.

The avocados are finally falling.  This was a one day haul.  Dinner was at the Kitchen at Stonebriar to celebrate a friend's 75th birthday.

After that, we happily tumbled into bed (this shot was from early in the day and yes, I quilted it).

And that's my day...

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