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Dull day of dullness

This day has a bit of backstory. Originally I was so excited to make this post because I was scheduled to go to Washington DC on the 7th to meet with Federal represenatives from the US Department of Agriculture and other Land-Grant University folks. Unfortunately it was cancelled in early February due to the possibility of another government shutdown. Then since I was bummed about my first chance to do something important and exciting for work, my buddy and I were going to take the day off work instead and go to the Met Museum in NYC. But a tooth went south on her this last weekend and they scheduled a root canal for Thursday (she actually kept apologizing to me. Girl,  you have to have a ROOT CANAL and you're sorry for inconveniencing me? Silly thing). So I told her I'd take the day off work anyway and she can hang out on my place post-toothfuss and we'll do a lot of nothing. I also asked what she wanted to do and she said she wanted "dumplings and ice cream." Gotcha.

Soooo, long story short, behold what ended up becoming a Nothing Much Day.

I can't get my boycat (the big boy on the left) to stop bothering me at MIDNIGHT for breakfast. So there you go. Day starts early. Too early.

I was going to do fancy pants oatmeal to have a fun photo-op for the day but then decided I didn't want that and went with tatertots in the air fryer (love that air fryer) and fake bacon. But of course I'm having the ol' morning coffee (with vanilla soy creamer)

Obligatory selfie. I'm overdue for waxing the upper lip. LOL Meh.

Car selfie! My car has been making rattling noises when it's cold and it has been FRIKKING FRIGID lately. So stalling to take out the trash and taking a pic of the car while it warmed up a smidge helped.

Good ol' Whole Paycheck. I was hoping to find Kite Hill fake ricotta but everywhere seems to be out, including here. Phooey.

Stopped for gas on the way home. Why am I not showing myself pumping gas? Because it's New Jersey and we're not allowed to do that. Hmph. Poor dude all bundled up freezing his butt off to pump people's gas.

Back home. I'm upstairs and the second door.

What I picked up at the store aside from the ice cream. With all this you'd think I'd have packed my lunch for work today. But alas, I'm a slacker.

We tried to place an online order for my buddy's dumpling request but their online thing wasn't working so since it's down the street, we "ate out" instead.

Veggie sushi burrito (NOM, though next time I'll leave out the olives) and an orange green tea

Detoured slightly to drive through the park near my place. I was trying to get the car rattle to go away. But it was soooo cold that it wouldn't completely quit. Behold the mighty, mighty Raritan River. Yup.

Back to my place to hang out and watch Sense and Sensibility for the umpteenth time since we hadn't rewatched it in years. We had fun making snarky commentary. Not pictured, the ice cream we ate a couple hours later. I wasn't won over by cashew cream ice cream, alas.

Boy kitty went for the window seat. Girl kitty went for her usual heat-seeking pose smashed against the heater

Buddy needed to run an errand before going home so I went with. We made the cashier laugh since that's our thing. Evidently the guy in line behind us was amused by my imitation of a nail gun. Pew pew!

She needed extra keys for her elderly parents that lost theirs. This machine is FUN.

No excuse to slack anymore so after buddy went home, I was a good gal and put away my laundry. Worth every penny to have people pick it up and bring it back. Every penny.

Dinner was a Beyond Burger with tomato, delicious pickle relish and garlic faux mayo on a sourdough bun. Soooo good.

When we were movie watching earlier, my new toy showed up so I gave it a test run. Frozen berries, coconut milk and splenda. Yeah, I gotta figure out the whole smoothie thing. It was ok but uninspired. Toy worked well though I thought it would have even more power. I am looking forward to trying to make stuff like homemade hummus and cashew cream in it, though.

So there ya go. Hope you stayed awake. ;)

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