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I had Wednesday off, and since I completely forgot to do the last challenge day- here is my Wednesday March 9th. I also have to admit that I did start to fade out towards the end

I'm Jammie, 29 from NJ. My day was mostly spent with my 5 year old Ben :)

It's my day off...but, I was awake about half an hour before this when John got up to get ready for work.


this kid is up with all sorts of energy & juice.

he steals my phone and takes pictures of his Legos.

I finally get out of bed and into the shower

then get rushed downstairs for food by a hungry boy, who has already consumed a granola bar

at least he wants to share?

text John about the doctors appointment I made for Ben. He woke up coughing that morning and with a bronchitis note in his cubby the day before, I decided not to take any chances.

then it's time for his morning medicine.

& coffee for me!

this little brat plops herself on the floor where I'm trying to walk ALL THE TIME


& he wants some too

naughty cat in the sink. I'm always amazed by the places I find her (I've never had a cat before, so this is all new to me.)

I try to get ready for the day, but this pain in the ass won't leave me alone.

finally get Ben dressed, and we are out the door to our first stop

this is his "please stop taking pictures of me" face

we play at the park

then walk through the trails that take you to the river, and then we hurry up and go back to the car to head to our next stop

physical therapy for Ben!

Then a time check when we arrive at our next destination- the pediatrician

someone is clearly VERY happy about this one!

after they give us a mostly clean bill of health we head to Target

on the way home the boy declares he is HUNGRY! and wants Chinese food

we get there to pick it up and someone is clearly very tired

time check when we finally get home

and despite laying on the couch... he claims he isn't tired

I put our groceries away

& we go upstairs to eat our lunch & watch The Peanuts Movie

I start putting his new Lego set together

John comes home around 4, we talk for a little bit, he takes a shower, then he takes Ben to do some over time at work. I continue building the stupid Legos, watch a few episodes of New Girl

I end up changing and going for a run/walk

When I get home I go outside and start the grill up for dinner

finished results.... we all eat & relax watching tv.. and I forgot to take pictures

Ben takes his meds and he's soon out like a light

and around this time John and I lay in bed, watch some tv & go to sleep :)

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