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ADIML – Friday January 25th in Tokyo, Japan

First time posting anything to the community, first time actually doing a full ADIML! I picked the 25th as an arbitrary date at the start of January, so here I am interrupting everyone's dinners. There is a dinner in here as well, though!

As a first time poster, an intro is in order. My name is Tove, I'm a freelance translator from Norway, currently located in Tokyo, Japan, where I've lived for the last three years. I share a house with my husband and our cat. The husband was out pretty much all day yesterday, which meant I had the day to myself. This post honestly makes it seem like I live on my own, which I find kind of hilarious.

Anyway, on we go!

I get up at around 7:20AM. Working from home means I have a pretty relaxed morning routine. Honestly, working from home is the main reason I've never done ADIML before. I don't have a commute to show, and some days I get so bogged down with work, I pretty much never leave my office. Thankfully, this Friday was pretty well-balanced, and it showed me how varied my days can be even if at the end of the day I feel like it was "nothing special".

I find Ume, our 7 month old kitty, at the foot of my bed. Good morning!

Bleary-eyed and with amazing bedhead. Tokyo houses/apartments get super cold during winter. I'm from Norway, so I'm used to cold temperatures outdoors, but three years in, and I'm still not used to the inside of my house being at around 10C (50F) when I wake up... I throw on a cardigan over my PJs and freshen up.

I make myself some coffee. I don't usually do breakfast, I just do coffee. Not sure about other translators, but this is the fuel that keeps me going.

My home office! I start work at 8am, I have set work hours where my contract company's US office can send me urgent requests that are due within the same day or even just within the next half hour, so my morning is usually spent chasing deadlines and dealing with urgent requests.

Japan is swept up in Bohemian Rhapsody fever at the moment. The film has earned 100 BILLION YEN at the box office and is still going strong with regular screenings, Dolby Atmos screenings and audience participation screenings. I admit I've ended up seeing it three times at the cinema even though I find the movie itself pretty bland, the music is amazing and the performances pretty stunning. It's a good night out. In any case, I've been rediscovering my teens (I was obsessed with glam rock and 70's music... yes, I was that kid), and been listening to A LOT of Queen lately. Death on Two Legs is currently my favourite song. Not sure what that says about me.

It's past 11AM, and my on-call hours are over. I can spend the rest of the day working at my own pace on projects with longer deadlines. I like to split up my workday, so I take a break to deal with the massive backlog of dishes that needed doing. I've been down with the flu for about a week and a half, and husband has a tendency to just wash whatever he needs, not the rest of the dishes.

I eat some granola and catch up on a bit of YouTube.

I promised a friend I'd send him a postcard, so I write him a postcard and also fill out a registration form for a contest I wanted to participate in (fingers crossed I'll win, you guys).

I get dressed and head out!

Outside is cold and windy, but blue skies peeking through a layer of white and grey. I live in an old-school residential area north in Tokyo. This picture probably clashes with people's expectations of what Tokyo is like, but this is what most of the city looks like if you venture off of the main streets and out of the business districts.

Post office! I meant to take a picture inside, but was shocked to find it completely empty! It's usually incredibly busy, but I guess this means Friday is a good day to get post office stuff done. I bought some extra stamps as well so I don't have to go to the post office every time I want to drop off postcards.

This is a Japanese 7/11, I popped in to pay my monthly bills.

There were mirrors on the pillars, so I could snap this selfie while in line. How convenient. I picked up a salad for lunch.

I've been eating a lot of ready made meals lately (since I was down with the flu), I really felt like cooking something today, so I made my way to the grocery store.

I love the checkout system at my local grocery store. You take your basket to the register, the staff will scan all your stuff and transfer it over to a different basket, you then pay at these machines so you don't have to worry about being an inconvenience if you only have large bills. It's quick and easy. You then take your basket and bag your stuff on the counter space to the left.

Back home, I have to chase Ume out of the hallway. She's an indoor cat, but finds the hallway and front door VERY FASCINATING.

Time check! I spent a bit more time than planned on my errands. It's 1:21PM, back to work. I move my laptop downstairs, because working at the kotatsu (heated table) is just a lot cozier than sitting up in my office.

1:47PM, I crack open my chicken, egg, avocado salad and munch on it while I work. I put on Fresh Meat for background noise. I love that show so much!

6:30PM, calling it a night with work. I have a huge deadline coming up next week, but I feel good about where I'm at with this project at the moment, so it's OK to end it here for today.

I wash rice to get dinner started.

I logged on to twitter and remembered that Kingdom Hearts III was being released today. 7/11 offer special download cards that come with a special in-game item. I run out to my nearest 7/11 to see if they still have any.
The first store were all sold out, so I went to a different one. They had exactly two cards left. Score!
This was in the middle of rush hour and everyone making their way home after work. Shops and streets were crowded, it was a shock to the system after sitting inside by myself for so long, I ended up feeling too awkward to take any street snaps. Oops.

Back home! Downloading the game while I finish up some chores.

I came across Ume playing with her ball. THIS POSE. I couldn't stop laughing. Cats are amazing.

I deal with the pile of unfolded laundry in my bedroom. Ume likes to sleep in the drawer inside the closet, so the closet is always open for her (she'll just stand outside it and meow if it's closed...)

I cook my dinner as quickly as possible, I want to get started on the game!

Korean bulgogi, or so the marinade mix said. It was delicious, and I have a bunch left over for lunch tomorrow!

Here it is, you guys. The music and graphics are beautiful. I'm so excited to be playing a brand new Kingdom Hearts game!

I realised I had a pack of cheese-tara, so I munched on it while playing. It's cheese sandwiched in layers of cod (like the rind on brie cheese, but... cod), it's absolutely delicious and goes really well with wine.

I play for about two hours and realise it's creeping up on midnight. Due to timezone differences, I'm on call with my main office every Saturday morning too, so I decide to call it a night.

I take out the trash to the collection point. In Japan, you'll usually find that houses don't have separate bins outside their houses. Instead, each neighborhood will have several trash collection points where everybody goes to leave their household trash. You can only leave it out the night before or the morning of the collection day.

I head back in to change clothes and get ready for bed.

12:22AM. Good night!

Thanks for sticking with me. This was fun, I hope to make it a monthly routine!

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