spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote in glimpseatmyday,

So we are having Restaurant Week here.

Many of our local restaurants are featuring special menus because of it. Last night we went back to Kitchen at Stone Briar to try out theirs.

We started out at Barbs. I made mushrooms Leilani (mushrooms stuff with ground pork, water chestnuts, garlic and then baked in a chicken/soy sauce broth) and some mini shrimp egg rolls and spicy shrimp won tons.

It wasn't exactly as posted, but it was sure tasty...

Apple and Butternut Squash salad

Ricotta and artichoke ravioli

Braised short ribs on polenta

white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake (this was the best cheese cake I'd ever had! And HUGE)

Chocolate ice cream pie

Not bad for $30 a person...

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