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Christmas Day, January 7th, in Omsk, Russia.

Hi everyone!
I am Katya, a programmer from Omsk, Russia. Here is another day from me - it can count as second part of Christmas challenge, because in Russia Christmas Day is January 7th, and December 25th is just an ordinary day. I have to say, I am not a religious person, so for me it was mostly another day off in our long New Year holidays. Although I am already working since 5th, just from home without going to office.

Morning begins with alarm from my phone, as I am trying to get my waking schedule back to normal. I still lase about for half an hour more and only then make myself to get up. I have to remember to deal with bills tomorrow... well this screenshot hopefully will serve as a reminder.

My still-decorated kitchen, there is another line of tinsel running on top of kitchen cabinets out of the photo. Looks nice, but I have to be careful opening one of the cupboards.

Done with my morning I move to second room to work. As I only use it as a computer and ironing room, it is not even fully furnished - no drapes on the window and computer table was meant to be thrown out in the first months of my owning that flat. But I still didn't found a suitable replacement.

Selfie. I am multitasking - while at work computer there is a program running, I am watching Mystery Diagnosis on YouTube and painting.

Just before 13:00 Kostya called asking if I was anywhere close to done. Not really, but I am close to giving up for the day, so we agree to get in touch in a bit and then coordinate meeting. I also got reminded that I wanted to watch Christmas Half Marathon if not in person (as Kostya does) then at least on TV. I head to kitchen to make lunch and turn on my laptop. Sadly I manage to see only the start of the race, as there is only one local channel I can watch online and they run only a short story on it before putting on some old american Christmas movie,which leaves me switching between online channels in search of something to run as a background.

After lunch I get in touch with Kostya again and we decide to meet in the center for a small walk. In the central square there are still people from half-marathon finishing, although it is already over two hours after start - all serious competitors are long gone and now it is just people who were challenging themselves. Later on out walk we were passed by runners who are still about 20-30 minutes from finish.

We end up on our favorite walk on the river-shore and sun is getting closer to horizont. So Kostya puts me on the bus and I head back home.

More on decorations - my neighbors went wild and even decorated their front door and part of the landing, so I joined in and decorated my door.

Back to work. I stopped at a store and bought ice-cream and a 'mulled wine' juice mix, which turned out pretty nice when heated. While connection to my work computer loads, I take a moment to browse LJ.

A bit after 18:00 father calls me and asks if I will come over for dinner, then proceeds to tempt me over with foods they have - as if I don't know, I helped to cook yesterday. So I finish fork for the day, dress up and head over. It is dark and I am already tired of it.

I spend two hours with parents and sister and then have to go home - it is only 7 minutes at leisure walk, but mama doesn't like it if I walk after 21:00. I also pack some books that I am still moving over, mostly my English-language paperbacks but also the heaviest of them - a set of books on 1C, the program I work in.

Finally back at home, I watch another episode of Mystery Diagnosis on my laptop, enjoy lights on my New Year tree and then go to bed. Tomorrow is the day I will take all decorations down... unless I will feel lazy and decide to leave them until Old New Year (14th January).
P.S. the plants are on armrest because they get frostbitten when I open window, so I keep moving them between armrest and window.
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