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January 5: Joshua Tree Hiking

One of my resolutions this year was to document the 5th of every month. Anyone else have a similar goal?
Here is my January 5.

I wake up and turn the heat up on my new and super cool Nest Thermostat. I can do it from bed!

I take Checkers outside to do his morning business.

Justin bought frozen frittatas from Costco last time he went, so I heat them up for the both of us in the air fryer for breakfast. Violet's still sleeping.

After breakfast I list an item for sale on poshmark.

Isabelle and I get some cuddles in.

Once she jumps down I read The Night Circus.

At about 9AM I get Violet up (who I didn't photograph by accident at all) and I get dressed. We're taking Violet back to her mom and then we're going hiking.

It's an hour drive to the drop off spot.

Which is this parking lot.

Then Justin and I head towards home and go to the hike spot. Justin's been here several times, but it's my first.

It's really cold out, so Justin suggests I wear his hat.

It is so cold there's snow.

A necessary hiking selfie.

We walk two miles out to the Olsen Ruins, which is an old homestead out in the middle of no where.

This is the only room still standing.

The ceiling is super low.

This is the other side of the building.

Then we turn around and head back towards the car for another 2 miles because it starts sprinkling.

Then we head to Touchdown, a bar that has arcade games. We have a drink of whiskey and diet coke.

On our way home we pick up lettuce wrapped burgers from Carl's Jr.

And I watch The Sixth Sense.

Checkers poses while I get ready to cook dinner.

Dinner is a modified version of this recipe on the Edamame Pasta box. Justin got this from Costco and it's super keto friendly.

Dinner is served!

After dinner I take a bath. My hips hurt after the hike.

Then I go through this magazine that came in the mail.

I photograph this story from the magazine so I don't forget to look for this cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe's when I go next week.

Then I read some more.

Until it's time for bed.

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