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A smaller ADIML - December 6, 2018 - Seattle, WA, USA

I am traveling for work this week in Seattle (from my normal home in Phoenix), and I did a smaller ADIML yesterday to show my day, since it was different and I missed the last challenge.

6:59am: Here I am dressed to go out in the cold, on my way to get breakfast before work. It is kind of fun bundling up since I don't get to do it in Phoenix, although it has been quite cold, even for Seattle, and I was a bit chilly.

7:01am: This is the lobby of my hotel. It is very charming and cozy.

7:02am: Early morning on 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle.

7:04am: I went to breakfast at the Georgian Room inside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, which is one of the fanciest hotels in Seattle. I chose the Georgian in part because it was one of the only places open early and I had gotten bad service at my own hotel restaurant the morning before. This is my view walking up to the Fairmont.

7:05am: There was a huge, beautiful tree inside the lobby of the Fairmont.

7:09am: This was my view from my seat inside the Georgian for breakfast.

7:17am: My breakfast - English breakfast tea, steel cut oats with brown sugar, raisins, and soy milk, and sourdough toast. Also, the table setting with the pretty poinsettia and a selection of cute jams.

7:44am: After breakfast, I took this gorgeous photo of the lobby of the Fairmont.

and an up close shot of the ornaments on the tree

8:04am: I stopped back by my hotel to take my vitamins and fix my lipstick. Here is an attempt at photgraphing that:

8:08am: The tall building my Seattle office is located in - way up to the 32nd floor!

8:12am: The pretty tree inside the lobby of the firm, plus the ugly construction outside blocking our previously perfect Puget Sound view.

And a photo out of the office I am borrowing while I am here. At least I can see the Sound a little!

And then looking the other way down traffic:

10:45am: Mid-morning was so cold that I walked to a store to buy a sweater. I didn't get any photos because it was too cold to keep my hands out of my pockets and I couldn't operate my phone with my gloves on. But I did take this overexposed shot when I got back with the sweater on. The office door was open and people are right outside, so I had to grab a quick shot.

I worked the rest of the day, and I went to lunch to grab sandwiches with my co-worker, Max. I didn't take any photos because it would have felt weird to do so.

4:19pm: The end of the day is closing in. The construction is so ugly.

4:35pm: But the sunset over the Olympic Mountains is glorious!

5:00pm: I went back to my hotel to the coziest place I could find - in front of the lobby's fireplace. After 5, they started a free happy hour, where I drank a glass of wine and finished the book I was reading by the fireplace. It was a nice wind down.

6:45pm: Later that night I went out for dinner and had an Impossible Vegan Burger (not shown, but so delicious!), and then I walked a bit and visited an old favorite, a gelato store I used to visit with a friend. I checked to see if they had any vegan pastries, and while they did not, they DID have a brand new vegan gelato made with oat milk and mixed with granola and dried fruits. I got a cup, even though it was so cold, and I ate it while walking back to my hotel.

That is where my photos stop, but basically I just went back to my hotel room and read and rested.

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