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Some Russian cooking.

Hi everyone. Here is my almost belated cooking post.
Since I am from Russia, my cooking is not related to Thanksgiving. It is just my Sunday cooking for the work-week, something that will keep in the fridge to serve as dinner and something extra. So I made chicken soup and salad - simple and and fast to make.
Also, all soups here are basically same recipe: beef or chicken broth with potatoes and other vegetables or even some grains (buckwheat or millet for example). Personally, I was looking for a long time for a combination that to my taste will be perfect for chicken broth and I only recently found it.

Everything ready for both dishes, chicken broth is on fire almost done.

Vegetables are cut for soup - potatoes, carrot and celery, about equal amounts of each.

I made broth on chicken legs - not my favourite, I'd prefer back or wings but that's what was freshest in store when I was shopping (on Thursday I already knew I was coming down with cold so I wasn't overly picky). Also I am browning some onions to add later.

Vegetables go in order - celery, after about 10 minutes potatoes and once potatoes are half-done carrots. When vegetables are almost cooked, I add bay leafs, browned onions and some pepper. Mix in and cook it for another couple of minutes.

I let it sit for a bit while I was cleaning up after cooking and then served myself lunch.

Salad is even simpler. Shredded cold chicken breast (or any leftover chicken, but breast is better), canned pineapple, sweet pepper and canned corn. You can also add cheese, preferably a kind with sharp taste (buying cheese here is a lottery so I don't have suitable one).

Mix it all and add some mayonnaise - too little is better than too much. I added too much. It is pretty much winter salad, for when weather is cold and heavy foods are welcome.

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