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My Very First Documented Day... Ever! :)

Hello, all!

I've been a fan of these types of communities since ADIML, back in its heyday. But, I've never once participated. I finally have a nice camera thanks to my love, and I decided to put it to some good use and rise to the occasion -- phenomenal's challenge! :D I did it! And here it is!

This is Sunday, February 28th, 2016. My first documented day!
Tori - 24 - Orange County, California

In which I wake early on a day off, take my boyfriend's adorable 3-year-old daughter with me around town, go to a Yelp OC Elite event, visit family, and choose Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood over watching the Oscars.

It's my day off! And this is the time I wake at. Pretty much the time I typically wake up to go to work.

Yaaay, dirty bathroom floor. I live with a 3-year-old.

First look of the real deal.

My boyfriend was craving cronuts. These were from the night before, saved for breakfast! They were (mostly) devoured, moments after this photo. RIP, delicious glazed cronuts.

Bad photo of a cute little girl. Owner of the Elmo potty you saw a few pictures ago. She doesn't even use it!

She and I drop off her dad at work for the day. He heads in here, first, for some lifeblood coffee.

Beach Blvd. Taking the freeway home, even though it's just 4 miles away.

405 freeway. (On a Sunday morning, important to note.) The mall sign on the left bugs me.

A girl and her pink uni.

Blue door leads to home.

Boo recently got three rats as pets. This one is Bubbles.

Awesome job focusing, me.

Here is Buttercup.

Another of Bubbles. She isn't albino, I just didn't have my red-eye reduction on. Unfortunately Blossom, the commander and the leader, was hiding, so no pic of her.

Baby Boo and I polished off the little bit of what was left.

Obviously, the huge tub of Coconut Oil is the star and focus of this shot...

Scrub scrub scrub, bathroom things...

Dirty oven timecheck. Me and the baby girl are out the door again!

Pretty trees, and the In-N-Out that's right next to my house.

PCH. I decided I wanted to enjoy the drive and take the more scenic route.

The day starts off overcast.

Trying to capture a picture of the pier, but we are too far away and it's too foggy.

Palm trees and tasty waves.

It's that Beach Blvd again. Meeting PCH. For fun.

Almost to our destination. I thought this yoga place looked super fancy with the little fountain in front.

We made it! KRISP Fresh Living in Newport Beach.

Boo baby and I are here for a Yelp Elite event!

Boo holding her Yelpstick and Yelp fortune cookie! See: Boo's awesome nametag.

A look at the menu. Never been here before, but I like it! Doesn't hurt that we're getting to try free stuff, either! ;)

A look at the goods!

We chose a vegan sea salt green tea! The vegan sea foam on top was really, really good.

Comfy seats. We also chose to share the 16 oz (it was a lot!) Berry Orchard acai bowl. Yum! I liked the granola on top and bottom.

Well. Found out later the menu is double-sided. -__-

Didn't mingle for long because we only got there about 20 minutes before the event was over, and I had a 3-year-old with me.

Our nametags. :) And my dirty car from Luka's work shoes always scuffing it when he puts his feet up.

We headed off, and found our directions sent us through this quiet, winding road.

It's so nice, I took a picture twice!

Newport Blvd. Next to Triangle Square.

Destination! We're now in Tustin. Line is a little out the door.

The stuff on the bottom row is what we came for!

Girlie wanted me to take a picture of her while waiting in line.

I heard the Chicken Katsu Curry is good. I really took this picture to see what the pricing was, heh.

Score! Sorry for not the best photos... everything I wanted to do was rushed so as to tend to the baby. Also got Boo this awesome sandwich you can partially see on the right. It was $2, and labeled as an egg sandwich. We got home later to find out that it was one slice egg, one slice ham, one slice turkey, and one slice tuna! Neat.

On the road again... this is the 22 freeway. It's pretty much always empty. :)

Stopping off here... give my guy and our co-workers some amaaazing strawberry croissants! Everyone loved them!

We're home! Timecheck.

Where we live looks pretty nice right now. I really like all of the trees! And, my parking is front and center! My apartment is the first on the left, and my car is right there in the shot!

Yelp loot! Sweet Yelp mug! Thanks, Yelp!

But, I decide to go with my trusty glass water bottle from Target. H2O, the way to go! :)

After a quick fill-up and potty break, and saying "hi" and "bye" to Boo's mom, we are both out the door again!

Timecheck before we leave the apartment.

Visiting my mom and siblings! They live right down the street, thankfully. :)

Just up the steps. (They have a pool!)

Decrepit handrail.

Brown door, brown door, what do you see?

I see a little Boo, looking at me! Also, is that a case of beer down the hallway?

Fun with angles. What's taking them so long to get to the door?

My sister! Baby Madi! :D She's so purdy (and camera-shy). She turns 17 on March 12th (currently in 11th grade)! Wearing my very recently handed down tanktop! Whee! :)

Hi Scott (12 years-old, 6th grade)! And Pikachu. I try to get Scotty to smile for a picture.

This is what the kid gives me.

Little better, dude. I guess. LOL.

Dominic is sitting on his bed, reading. Only because he is grounded.

He's stretching. (11 years-old, 5th grade.)

Boo looks like she is SHREDDING THE GEETAR, which is why I love this picture!~ Really, she's just trying not to drop the thing.

Aww, cute guinea pig. She's named Sports Guy. Other piggy is currently back at Petco.

We go outside to play. I'm really excited because Scotty decided to join us, after he originally declined. He likes to play on the computer, mostly.

This is my sister, Cameron! :D She's eight, turning nine later this year. She's in 3rd grade already!

Holy Scotty sock tan, Batman!

I asked him to blow a big bubble for me.

Scootering around.

Also, his nickname is Scooter! Or Scooty.

Still trying with those bubbles. I love this boy! :) It was a piece of shit $1 bubble wand, lol.

Boo decides she'd like a try on Cam's scooter, so Madison is adjusting the height for her...

But accidentally breaks off a bunch of adjustment pieces!

But together, she and I fix it!

Cameron collects flowers for me as a thank you.

Doesn't want to help clean, but escaped his room.

Cool girls. Cam gave Boo her Hello Kitty shades.

Cameron was upset here because I wasn't paying her enough attention. Boo is trying to console her... I think?

This is what happens when you get food for a family of 7 at a fast food place. Thankfully my mom was paying.

Where everyone agreed on.

Waiting for food.

Tons of junk for everyone.

I mix and match sauces.

Devilish, debonair, devious cat... :{)

Brother Eric came over and joined in on the fun! He's 20, turning 21 in September. Madi-chon is hiding from the camera. Full house!

Poor baby Cameron. :( She was crying because she really didn't want me to go. It breaks my heart every goddamn time... :(

Those dimples! I love you, Cameron. :) <3

Scott was leaving for FIVE DAYS for science camp, so we were writing letters to him while he's gone. (He comes back tomorrow, Friday.)

Again, with this place!

Unleash the good times.

Boo was also sad about leaving her friend Cami.

Yep, here again. My place of work. So many times, and on my day off! Thanks, tree.

Bad photo.

Better photo? It's 5:43. Luka was scheduled off at 5:30!

I pester him because I miss him! Also, because Boo has to pee. (Madi and Boo were Snapchatting earlier, lol...)

We go in here to use the bathroom. Also, books are awesome!

You know she wants that so bad. Thankfully, she didn't even notice it because it was way up at the top.

Small fry.

~* There were TWO (2) reunion pictures here, that I'm not posting out of respect for my love! They are pictures of him holding and hugging baby Boo! Sorry, Internet. I get to keep the cuteness all to my self. *~

Leaving B&N now. (He was off at 5:30, remember!) Car is dirty from when Luka was working on it last! I really gotta clean...

Mmmm. Nom on one...

Oh, yeah, timecheck when we get home. We thankfully work pretty close to home.

Mas agua.

~* Omitted THREE (3) really cute photos of Luka and Boo play fighting/play dying. *~

Speaking of dying, my wonderful roses from Valentine's Day are done. :( I wanted to save them and dry them out, but it was getting too late for that...

All that's left. :(
And a messy desk.

We're hungry! I order pizza online, through Yelp.

Local nomz! The Oscars are on the TV inside.

Gross. But sometimes, it goes with pizza. Plus, I already ate like shit in the second half of my day, so, you know?

Meat lovers! I messed up and ordered Sicilian, but it was still really good.

Watching anime while eating.

I loved Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. So much! We finished it last night (3/2) and now I am empty inside. LOL.

I kinda wanted to hear about his win.

~* Omitted FIVE (5) awesome and hilarious pictures of my lovey. He is silly, and great, and handsome. I love him! *~

Paste. Ugh, soda. I brushed extra long.

Jammies! So comfy!

Take a look at what tomorrow has in store on my wall calendar. Leap Day! And I work at 7 AM.

Lovely one and I play The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth until I pass out! So no last timecheck, sorry! I think it was around 1:30 when I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer...

Thanks for joining me, everyone! I hope to do another one of these soon, where I remember to take more (interesting) photos, and where my DSLR abilities (and perhaps editing?) will increase!

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  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge starts TOMORROW

    Tomorrow starts your all meals & snacks photo challenge from Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October. Eat well!

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  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge

    From Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October take pictures of all meals & snacks that you have during the week. Bon appetit!