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WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDARS: Share A Recipe Week of November 22 - November 28

Though many of us were stragglers with the last challenge, myself included, it was nice to see what's going on with you guys!

This next challenge can be done in several ways, either through pictures, video, whatever your creative mind suggests to you!

Write on your calendars that between November 22 and November 28, you are challenged to share a recipe with the group. It can be your favorite recipe, a local recipe, a new recipe you're trying, or just whatever you want. But to do it we need more than just the text! Either share a cooking show of your creation via video, photos to provide progress pics, or however else you think of that you can visually share the recipe. On top of that, share the text of the recipe so people can try to recreate these on their own if interested.

I'm giving a week buffer on this one because not everyone cooks everyday.

In the US, November 22 is Thanksgiving, so you might see me make a pie.

To figure out the date I used a random calendar generator.

Are you in?!

I'll post reminders for this as we get closer. And always feel free to share a glimpse into your day, any day!

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