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Sunday 11/4/18 - Olympia, WA

Mary Lou. 28. Olympia, WA

A day filled with chilling and eating :)

I wish I could have slept in longer but my niece and I are going to visit my Mom for coffee!

Always have to shower first thing in the morning! It's the only way I can really wake up.

Snickerdoodle glares at me until I give the cats breakfast lmao

I give myself a simple breakfast. I'm weird and like burnt sausages.

Take my vitamins :)

Brush my teeth! I've been using this coconut charcoal toothpaste. I really like it but it stains the sink black which is annoying :(

Snickerdoodle tries to trap me so that I'm forced to pet her hahaha

She always wins

I get ready while listening to music

I pack up all the blueberry banana bread I baked last night so I can deliver them to family and friends :)

Waiting for my car to heat up but I'm so ready to go to Lakewood and see my family! It's my hometown and only 30 minutes north of where I currently live.

Pick up my niece and hang out with my Mom at work for awhile. She manages a cafe within a hospital that serves Starbucks products. We all share snacks and chat. I got my favorite seasonal drink... iced pumpkin spice coconut milk latte!

My mom is working by herself this morning so we leave her be and head out once a line forms :(
I wish I could help her but hospitals are pretty strict.

We go to Ross to kill time. Here is my haul... scrunchies, new slippers and a cat scratcher for my babies.

I drop my niece off and head back to Olympia to meet my friend at a new vegan cafe called The Wayside Cafe.
I ordered a french dip and macaroni and cheez. It was fucking delicious.

We decide to walk around downtown Olympia and spot this adorable tiny dog wearing a very nice winter coat.
Shoot, it was nicer than the one I was wearing hahaha

Fall. Is. The. BEST!

So beautiful!

We check out one of my favorite stores called Compass Rose. I always die when I see the Le Crueset display.
I wish I was rich and had a kitchen filled with Le Crueset cookware ;_;

Check out the chocolate display in another store. I cave and buy 3 truffles!

I admire all the cool socks... after this store my friend and I part ways.

I stop by my other friend's house to deliver the last banana bread loaf.
These are her adorable and amazing dogs Chuy and Diamond.

I head home and start a load of laundry.

Here are the truffles I got earlier! I ate the chocolate lab but packed away the other two.
Toffee almond on the left and salted caramel on the right :)

I oogle cute cats on instagram and play animal crossing pocket camp!
My friend ID is 7372 1375 588 if any of you play

Wash my face before I get too tired.

Snickerdoodle tries to trap me again hahaha

I snack on chips and gingerale while I browse the internet for awhile.

I still had blueberries and super ripe bananas so I made a giant blueberry banana loaf to have throughout the week.
It looks sad but I swear it tastes good.

I say goodnight to the cats cause I'm tired af

... and then crawl into bed and pass out!


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