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Monday, November 5, 2018 - ADIML - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The challenge was for November 1, 2018, but I forgot. I saw others do it for November 3, so I decided to take on November 5 - a Monday!

For background: I am a 30-something woman who works as litigation attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, in the desert southwest of the USA. I live in midtown Phoenix with my husband and our small dog. We only moved to Arizona a little over 2 months ago, so everything is new to us!

6:18am: My husband leaves before me on Monday and Wednesday (he works at a medical clinic and gets there early to prep his notes), so I had some time to lounge in bed with my cute little companion.

I also read for a little while before I fully got out of bed. I get two free e-books per quarter for being a Platinum Level member with the IHG hotel reward program (many many stays at Kimpton Hotels in the past year for my current job and my former job!). So, I am reading some legal drama that I got for free.

6:49am: Once I am up and changed into my walking clothes, I take Napoleon for a walk. Here are assorted photos of that.

6:55am: Before I leave, I adjust the thermostat so the air doesn't run unnecessarily. (Yes, we still are using the air conditioning here in the daytime! We live on the top floor of our building, so it tends to get a little hotter, too.)

6:56am: I forgot to give Napoleon his treat! Oh no! Time to remedy that..

6:59am: I leave my home. This is my front door, decorated for fall.

7:00am: I walk to work a few times per week. These are a few shots of my walk. It is a bit over a mile one-way to work.

7:23am: Frumpy elevator photo! I don't wear my work clothes for the walk so I don't sweat in them.

7:24am: Good morning to my office

7:30am: I get ready in the restroom. Excuse my hairy brush. I needed to clean it!

7:37am: Ready for the day!

7:44am: Before I start working, I take a few photos of the view outside my office window.

7:47am: Morning coffee time! The office has this single-cup machine similar to a Keurig. I have noticed Arizona is not as environmentally conscious as Washington was. And my special - favorite! - almond milk creamer flavor: maple! I wish it was available year-round.

7:48am: Before I head back to my office, I snap this shot of the view from the main conference room. The photo does not do it justice. The mountains look much larger and more beautiful. Phoenix's famous Camelback Mountain is to the right.

7:50am: Time to do some work. I have wasted so much time. Mondays are hard to get focused!

7:52am: But first, some music to get me going. I have this little bluetooth speaker that plays songs from my phone. And a Cure playlist to start the day! The Cure is my favorite band. I have seen them ten times!

8:09am: I realize once I start working that I never ate my breakfast! My husband made me a breakfast sandwich before he left for work, and I carried it in with me. I eat while I work. It is tofu, veggie sausage, and vegan cheese on a whole wheat muffin.

9:50am: I am having trouble adapting to Monday, so I take a small break. I reorganized my office on Saturday, and I didn't get a chance to rehang my diplomas on my wall. (I am the first person in my family to have attended college, so I am proud of my education, even if it was expensive! Plus, it's the "lawyer" thing to do.) So, I do that now.

10:20am: A mid-morning snack of popcorn while I work.

11:20am: I forgot to take my vitamins and probiotics, so I do that now.

12:54pm: I heat up a frozen pot pie for lunch to eat at my desk. I don't take lunch breaks anymore because it cuts into my billable time and means I have to spend longer at work. Life of a lawyer!

1:43pm: The mail came! I ordered a new shirt.

3:15pm: The mail came.. again? I don't understand what happened, but the front desk brought mail to my office on two different occasions. This time my new glasses from Zenni Optical came! I really like both pairs. I have been wanting prescription sunglasses for a while.

5:30pm: My husband picked me up from work, but I didn't get any photos. It is only a 5 minute drive to home, which is so convenient! That is why we chose to rent where we did. (We still are deciding on Phoenix, so we didn't buy immediately.) Anyway, this is my welcome home photo! What a cute face to return to!

He wants lots of attention tonight!

5:40: For dinner I am making this vegan ham roast. It is so good! This is one of my favorite products from Tofurky. I don't like a lot of their stuff, but this one rules. And it's so cute!

5:47pm: I peel potatoes and watch Netflix. (I am watching "Insatiable," which is actually better than the critics said. There are some deeper themes in it. I think people approached it superficially, which is ironic.) I will dice the potatoes and roast them with salt, pepper, garlic, and rosemary.

6:01pm: While everything cooks, I have a glass of this sauvignon blanc.

6:39pm: I start the kale while the roast and potatoes continue to bake.

6:40pm: Time to light one of the new candles I got this past weekend!

6:40pm: My kitchen is small and it looks cluttered here. My one regret about this apartment is that the kitchen is too small! But it is great in all the other ways, and I can make it work. I just have a lot of kitchen stuff! (And this is only part of the kitchen.)

6:47pm: Still waiting on the food, I finally hang the last of the panels for this wall art I ordered. It is a blue agave plant. It looks better in real life than in the photo.

7:10pm: Ham is ready!

7:16pm: Dinner - at last!

8:04pm: Over dinner (and after) we watch this show called "The Romanoffs" (a new Amazon Prime original). This was a particularly odd scene from it.

8:20pm: I end my night with a relaxing bubble bath! YAY!

8:30pm: In the bath, I also do a face mask from Lush. This was supposed to help redness, but I think it's too drying. Do not recommend for those in dry climates or with dry skin.

8:45pm: After my bath, I open the windows because the weather has gotten nice for the evening. This is a good time of year.

After this, we both get in bed and read until we fall asleep. I didn't take photos of that!

That was my Monday!

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