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A Day In My Life - August 12th 2018

When the date for this ADIML was first announced, I had absolutely nothing planned and thought it would be a very boring Sunday. However, it ended up being quite an eventful day ... Enjoy!

My Sunday began around 9 AM. This picture was taken at 9:47 AM. I hadn't forgotten that it was an ADIML day, but I had been to a barbeque on Saturday evening and managed to forget my phone there. No phone means no camera, so yeah ... I was so stressed about not having my phone. I was going to visit my youngest sister abroad in Milan from Monday 'til Wednesday and I needed to have my phone! So my Sunday started with a bike ride back to the house where the barbeque had taken place ...

I find a note from my friends on the gate stating that my phone could be found on the wooden table outside at the back of the house. They had their own plans on Sunday and had apparently already left. I had wanted to offer to help with any cleanup of the barbeque (it was quitey big with 30+ guests), but because I didn't actually see anyone at the house I decided to just bike home again ...

Fun fact : Saturday, to go to the barbeque, had been the very first time I rode my bike in Ghent since moving here more than 6 months ago. It was 14 kilometers (8.6 mi) total. On Sunday I then had to do that distance a second time. I felt a bit saddle-sore after all that, hahaha.

Back home! Put my bike away and not sure when I'll be taking it out again. The brakes aren't working properly so I'll need to get it looked at before I can go out on more bike rides ...

My original plan for Sunday morning had been to visit a nearby flea market, but I figured I deserved some coffee after that whole bike ride - so I walk to a nearby bakery to get some takeaway coffee. Their cakes and other sweets look so delicious, though I don't buy any ...

Coffee acquired and bonus shadow selfie!

The flea market was taking place at Patershol ; one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods which still has a medieval street layout. It's really close to where I live and just across the bridge on this picture, though I had to wait a bit before I could cross because a large group of tourists had just gotten on the bridge, haha.

At first I wasn't too impressed because the flea market seemed more like a garage sale where local residents tried to sell their old clothes and childrens' toys, but I did end up finding some nice things to take home with me.

I had read beforehand that they would be selling so-called 'gestreken mastellen' at the event and was excited to try them out ; they're a typical pastry from Ghent containing butter and caramelized brown sugar. It seems like they're mostly sold at special events ...

And this is what a 'gestreken mastel' looks like. It may not be very pretty, but it tastes good!

Back home with my 'loot' ; a nice picture frame, a cushion with women in 18th century fashion (I especially love how the women are all seen from the back but then there's a cat on there looking straight at the viewer) and a decorative thermometer/barometer.

I check in online for my flight on Monday. I'll be visiting my youngest sister in Milan ; she's studying Italian in summer school there.

I do a final check to see if I have everything I need. My flight will leave at 6:55 AM on Monday and my parents live a lot closer to the airport than I do, so I'll be going over to their place later today to stay the night.

Before I can leave for a couple of days, I need to give my plants some water ...

The concept of Saturday's barbeque was 'bring your own food/cups/cutlery/etc.' so I have some dishes to do before I can go out.

I clean some stuff out of my fridge. The bag of mixed salad was almost finished and already a bit old so I threw that out, I put the bottle of apple cider in my bag to take with me to my parents' house and I check Livejournal for a bit whilst I finish the tonic and grapefruit juice (I like to mix them together).

Outfit of the day as I'm getting ready to leave. The weather was very nice and warm on Sunday, but it had cooled down a bit from the 35C/95F we had the previous week so wearing long jeans seemed okay.

Right before I headed out I luckily remembered to put the trash bag outside. I did not want to come home to a flat full of fruit flies and other insects ...

Time check : 12:53 PM and I luckily only have to wait 3 minutes for a tram to the train station.

Arrived at the train station. I didn't look up the hours of the train beforehand but once again I get lucky and I only have to wait about 10 minutes.

I read the free newspaper on the train and the very first article on the front page is about the strikes at Ryanair which are happening frequently recently. It's not a good omen, considering that I would be flying to Milan with them (though in the end my flights were all fine).

Around 2:30 PM - I have to transfer in Leuven and arrive there with plenty of time left to make my connection. I am starting to get a bit hungry - considering that I haven't eating anything apart from the mastel at the flea market - so I buy some food from Panos at the Leuven train station.

Hmmmm, sausage roll ... I didn't exactly make the healthiest food choices that day, but oh well. I amuse myself with a word search puzzle on the way to my hometown.

My mum picks me up from the train station and at home I am greeted by the dogs.

Not many pictures of the next couple of hours ; my grandmother is in the hospital so my parents and I first went over to her house to re-do her bed and pick up some things she needed and then we go visit her. I thought it would be awkward/weird to be taking pictures of all this, until my mum insisted to take a picture of my grandmother and me to send to my youngest sister. My sister is online and sends us a silly selfie, so mum and I send a silly selfie back ... These are the only pictures I have of the timeframe 3 PM 'til 6 PM, hahaha, so I'll leave you with these.

Around 6 PM mum, dad and I are all feeling super hungry so we leave the hospital and head back home.

I waste some time trying to print my boarding pass but I can't get the printer to work (turns out that it just wasn't plugged in, oops! I swear I'm not usually such a noob when it comes to hardware!) so I download the Ryanair app and get my boarding pass through the app.

Dinner was a Belgian dish called 'koninginnehapje' (a.k.a. queen's snack) ; it's a sort of stew of chicken, meatballs and mushrooms served in a pastry - with fries and LOTS of mayonnaise. My mum made this at my request - again ; not the heathiest food but it's just SO GOOD!

Time check ; 8:40 PM and I'm in my old bedroom - reading my Livejournal friends' list and enjoying the apple cider I had brought from home.

Around 9:45 PM I run a bath. I realised wayyy too late that I wouldn't be allowed to take my shampoo/conditioner/deodorant/etc. on the flight in my carry-on luggage, so I have to leave all this stuff at my parents' house until I return - no way I'm letting airport security trash my Lush products!

I'm in the mood to go sleep downstairs on the couch. My mum sleeps there too and she always leaves the television on ; there's Jackie Chan on the tv screen! (It was Shanghai Knights). I tried to go to sleep around 10:30 AM as my alarm was set for 4 AM the following morning, but I had a lot of trouble falling asleep and didn't get such a good night's rest as a result.

And that was my Sunday, August 12th!


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