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Grocery Shopping - August 5, 2018 - Spokane Valley, Washington, USA

I was out of town or had guests every weekend of July, so we didn't do a lot of traditional grocery shopping (and that which was done was done by my husband), so I didn't get to participate when the challenge happened. I made up for it by documenting my shopping yesterday.

First, I got my list out before I went inside. My husband and I both update it, and it's on this weird paper because it was the only paper we could find that had a magnet to conveniently stick to the fridge.

I often shop at WinCo because they have a GREAT bulk section, and we buy a lot of items in bulk. Also, they have been doing a good job of adding more vegan products, and their prices are always a bit cheaper than the other stores. Their gimmick is that you can only pay cash or debit (no credit), which is fine because that is the only way we buy our groceries anyway. This is the Spokane Valley, Washington, location.

I used to live in Seattle, where plastic shopping bags are banned, so I have a ton of reusable bags in my trunk. (It is not usually so disorganized, but we're in the process of moving, so everything is disorganized!) I love the reusable, especially those big red ones, because they carry more and you never have to worry about breaking.

Watermelon anyone? There were a ton on display outside the store. I did not buy any, but I thought they made a good image.

The store is laid out rather warehouse-style with high ceilings and no fancy displays. (I guess another method to keeping costs down.) It was crowded on a Sunday morning, so it was a little awkward to take too many photos.

My husband and I are vegan, so fruits and veggies make up a non-trivial portion of our purchases.

But we also partake in some of the non-dairy cheeses and, of course, tofu!

We also eat some of the frozen vegan items. I never knew these were supposed to be "turkey" burgers, and the packaging changed since I last went shopping! My husband uses these to make high-protein breakfast sandwiches.

I hit the bulk section for some peanuts. My husband is a big snacker of peanuts.

Next I moved on to the "regular" section of the store with shelf-stable items non-bulk.

We needed toothpaste, and I discovered how many kinds there are!

The store was a crowded mess, so this was my last shot right before checking out of everything I got.

These are my bags (and two jugs that weren't bagged heading to my car)

But I wasn't done yet. My husband asked me to get some more shampoo and soap, and he gets a specific vegan kind that we can get cheaply at Grocery Outlet. This store is a bargain place that has a random selection of stuff.

I found his soap and shampoo.

And I grabbed some ginger beers on the way out because they looked interesting.. and they were only 79 cents!

I didn't get any more on my adventure, but here are all my bags waiting to be unloaded at home.

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