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Shopping in Omsk, Russia.

Okay, now that I am back from my vacation and mostly over the cold I caught on my way from airport (coming from +29C to +9C is even less fun in the middle of summer) I made a much-needed shopping run. As I mosly needed meat, I choose to go to the market for it and get everything else on the way back.

First, a check on what I have in the fridge. Not too bad in general, but I need sour-cream, potatoes (well, those are not for shopping trip, I'll get them at my parents, we still have last year's home-grown ones) and I won't mind some cheese. Freezer section is getting empty, I need to store up on meat.

Here is the market I go to for meat. It used to be the central market for most of left-shore part of our city... way back in 90th. Now it is a place where you can get meat cheaper than in specialised meat shops, and the rest is now just general mixed market.

Here is a view from second floor. First (ground) floor used to be all about dairy products, vegetables, fruits and honey with various grocery added in. Now there is a lot less specialized rows and more grocery. And even part of them are closed today, because it is workday and there are less people.
I rarely shop here, but today I got a piece of cheese, because seller-woman offered me to try a bit and I liked the taste. That is actually what separates such markets from all others - it is normal to taste what you are buying.

And here is the basement meat section. It is also less than half full because of workday, on weekend there are no free places and sometimes you can even see half carcasses being still cut up for sale.

I got everything I wanted on market and headed back home. Here is a fruit stand where I sometimes by fruits and vegetables, but not today, as I still have some lest and even some fresh cucumbers from dacha.

Another market, where I stopped to get bread and sour-cream. This one a lot smaller and more crowded, as it is right in the middle of living area. Prices are slightly higher than on big market but a little lower than in supermarkets. There is also meat section, but from my point of view, it is the last place to shop, even after overpriced supermarkets, because meat here is not at its freshest (not spoiled, but...).

And some photos from inside. Two bread-and-pastry stands with dairy stand in the background. Vegetable stand where I got some green onion. And just a view across the shop, with a bit of fish stand and a clothes shop. (I had a couple more photos, but they didn't come out good, there is also alcohol shop, meat stand and mixed grocery stands).

Back at home, here is what I got. Mostly meat, that I will cut up into portions and freeze, because I am still on vacation and I plan to go to dacha tomorrow and stay there until Sunday. Also cheese, some interesting bread (tomato and garlic), green onion and sour cream (a village one, tasty and 3 times more expencive than factory one).

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