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A day from vacation in Yalta

While everyone are posting their shopping trips, I will post mine in a copule of days... once I actually make it. But right now I just came back from vacation (yesterday morning) and here is my day from back then.
So.. here it is - 18th July 2018, my day in Yalta.

Yalta is in different time zone than my city, so morning begins at around 7am with no problems. While my SO is in shower, I check in how things are at work. Out room is so small that the only place to sit with laptop is on bed right next to the shower door.

Morning begins with rain, so we stay inside and have fast-made oatmeal in common kitchen.

Rain is over really fast, so we grab beach bag and head out to the beach. All beaches here are pebble ones and even at half past 8am sun is really strong, so I rented a sunbed with umbrella. Water is really cool (around 18C), and we take only short dips before setting to warm up. I am sunning myself and Kostia stays in shadow.

By 11am we head back to our room and out of sun. We shower, rest a bit, renew our sunscreen and head out for lunch and our excursion. We are 1.5km from seafront and up on the hill, so each walk is a nice workout already. Streets are all narrow and green.

Meeting poit for excursion is another 1.5km, which is a nice walk along seafront. There is a surprise - there is a three-mast tall ship Khersones that can be wisited, too bad we don't have time.

We have to hurry and get into car, two parts of our excursion are set at certain times and we have to deal with traffic on our way. But our driver is very good and guide has a lot of interesting stories to tell on the way.

First stop is Livadia Palace. It is very beautiful white building, that is facing Yalta. View from palace is impressive, despite now-grown trees that cover the territory. We were only taken around and not allowed inside as our time was limited. We walked around main building, saw the chapel and several other buildings (including a canteen building, added in soviet times) and on our way out - sculpture dedicated to Yalta Conference.
08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg

After a short drive (in distance, not in time) we hit traffic jam and had to get out and walk to our next destination through more twisting streets and stairs.

Here it is - Vorontsov Palace. A short wait at the entrance so that we don't tangle too much with other groups and we are in, walking through what looks like a medievel town and out to the square where we have a bit of wait before going inside.
16.jpg 17.jpg

We see a few rooms includind the one where Churchill stayed in 1945. Second photo is a ceiling of a different room, it is not wood, it is painted imitation.
18.jpg 19.jpg

And then we move outside to the park. It is beautiful and a relief from heat. There are some interesting trees, several ponds and more twisty footpaths.
20.jpg 21.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg 24.jpg 25.jpg

Finally we are on out way out... but path runs into what looks like a narrow cave, which reveals truth only when you are just a couple of steps away.
26.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg

And we are once again away on car toa different part of coast to see last castle for the day. Swallow's Nest is a tiny pretty much decorative castle, it has only three rooms. We mostly had time only to see it from a distance, but could run up four flights of stairs for a closer look. I did and barely got back in time for boat.
29.jpg 30.jpg 30 (2).jpg

And here is the boat. We had a 40 minutes ride with a small lecture included, as we were going past a lot of interesting objects and buildings. So ride was fun and there was a good distraction from being sea-sick (I was a bit queasy, so was Kostia but nothing more).
31.jpg 32.jpg 33.jpg 34.jpg

Back in Yalta we had another long walk to park where we sat down to dinner. While we ate it got dark and we had to return back to our guest-house in dark. Not fun, as only central streets are brightly lit and the ones we had to walk are lit barely enough not to run into other people.

I tried to take a night photo from common balcony, but I managed to kill my camera and my phone is not good at night photos. It is barely past 9pm. We are getting ready to go to bed.

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