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Grocery Shop in Joshua Tree, CA (last Saturday)

Before I went to the store I checked my grocery list. I make it on my cellphone throughout the week.

This was an 8AM grocery trip, so the store is basically empty. I grab a cart.

The produce section is my first stop.

Next is the frozen food aisle.

Then the meat section.

I end up ordering some from the meat counter. I go to the grocery store because I like their meat selections.

Breakfast food aisle.

Followed by the spices aisle.

This aisle is a maze to get to the sugar free soda.

Cleaning aisle is next.

But they're all out of what I was looking for.

I always stop at the clearance rack, but there's nothing there I want.

The dairy section is next.

The last aisle in the store is the cheese and condiments.

I check out.

And get the stuff in the car. In California you have to use reusable bags or pay 10 cents for a plastic bag, so I generally remember to bring my own.

Then I put the cart away.


Turkey burgers, cheese, pesto, heavy cream, frozen mashed cauliflower, garlic.

Lettuce, mushrooms, Diet Hanson's soda, Think Thin bars, and marinade.

Cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, ground pork, and ground beef.

Chicken breast, spinach.

Pork rinds which I use as breading.

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