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A Day in My Life - June 1st, 2018 (6월1일)

Welcome to my first DITL on glimpseatmyday! Sorry for the lateness, I've been busy visiting home. A quick side note: I was born and raised in Finland but moved to South Korea to study a few years back and have stayed here since then (as it sometimes tends to confuse people I live in an Asian country and am not Asian...)

8:10AM. Woke up to these two begging for my attention, just like every morning. Petted them until the urge to hug them came too much to resist, and they promptly ran for the hills.

8:27AM. Took me a bit but I finally got myself to a sitting position, opened up my laptop, and spent a moment catching up on LJ, listening to music, and working on my blog. Also started on 30 Days of 100 Squats and 30 Days of 100 Abs challenges.

9:00AM. I set off to the big park by my apartment for a morning run (I usually run at 9PM when it's much cooler but I wasn't going to have time...). Unfortunately, it was already much too hot so instead I just explored around.

The park has plenty of people in there at all times, no matter how early or late into the day it is.

This area is one of my favorites in the park - even when the park gets to its busiest and noisiest part of the day, it's so quiet, still, and gorgeous here. I sat there until it was nearly 10am, when the free zoo at the park would open up.

Explored the botanical garden before visiting the animals. On this particular visit there, I actually discovered parts of the garden I hadn't been to yet!

They have many many more animals at the zoo (I'm in love with their baby zebra in particular) but I didn't want to make this too much of a spam.

10:25AM. Left the park and grabbed some brunch from the bakery from across the street to the bakery before heading back home.

Got myself a massive but cheap coffee from a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop as well. I can brew better quality coffee at home but in this weather I have very little interested in drinking the hot stuff (aka I should get off my bum and just go buy ice cubes from the convenience store already.)

10:45AM. As soon as I came home I opened up the window for some "fresh" air, though mostly it's for the cats' enjoyment. Then I started making the mushroom-onion-cream soup to complete my brunch.

11:05AM. Watched the season finale of Madam Secretary while eating this. In hindsight a huge mistake to eat all of it at once instead of spreading it along the day...

12:05PM. Time to actually get ready for the day! Aka take a dozen cat pictures and continue writing the newest blog post while putting on some make up and choosing what to wear. That dress is not at all work-appropriate in a country where you're free to show your ass (literally and figuratively) but people will seizure if they see your shoulders, so I put on the lightest jacket I could possibly find. You bet that as soon as it was time for my after work activities, the jacket was off. Probably should have worn something other than the dress, though, eh? :D (I completely forgot about my tattoo being visible with it, even with a jacket on...)

The cats reacting to being told "bye, be back later".

1:15PM. Finally left home and off to do some work!

Took the subway for all of one stop before I had to get off and transfer to another line.

Some missionaries from the States ambushed me before I got off the subway station. Not sure if they were interested in trying to talk me into joining something (or is that just the Korean cults?) but I wasn't exactly excited to take any chances. Thankfully, my need for the bathroom gave me an easy bow out.

Stopped at a convenience store to get some water before going in.

2:00PM. Arrived at the academy! I don't actually work here, but my friend was on holiday in the States again and needed someone to sub for her while she was gone, so that's how I ended up taking a short break from my funemployment that day. I did it the last time she was in NYC as well as subbed for another teacher at the academy a month before or so.

My friend isn't at all a good English speaker, making it a bit confusing to me how she got a job in the field in the first place, but she is incredibly hardworking and always tries her best to get everything as clearly ready for me as she can so all I have to do is show up and follow her curriculum. Unfortunately, despite of that, somehow the materials and the books tend to go missing inbetween her making plans and me arriving at the academy. Doesn't help that the other teachers and director also try their earnest to get me to steer from the curriculum, though I'm incredible at steering from it all on my own accord if I don't get something in it.

This is by far the naughtiest class in the academy. And I just happen to be the only teacher in the academy that can get them to quiet down, all by threatening them that they won't get any stickers if they don't behave (as the stickers equal to treats after class). No idea why no other teachers use that very simple method or why it doesn't work for them? 'Cause for me it's magical!

I got in a bit of an argument with the kids in the last picture because they didn't like the fact I was more strict in grading their pop quiz than their real teacher. But, like, I hadn't been told how to grade them so I just did it the way I saw best and I can't really be blamed for that.

6:00PM. Done teaching and homebound.

6:45PM. My friend said she was going to be late to meeting me, so I dropped by home real quick to give the kitties some scratches and changed shoes.

Then I went shopping for souvenirs to bring back home with me.

And finally walked to the subway station to meet my friend, out of my mind hungry since I hadn't eaten anything since before midday.

7:30PM. Finally we're about to meet!

Seeing as it was Friday and I live on a lively neighborhood, there was already a queue to the restaurant we'd chosen for the evening.

Thankfully it didn't take us long to get in.

The menu. There were so many things I wanted to try!

The set we ordered came with a side of rice mixed with other stuff, and you were supposed to mix it more with your hands and then make rice balls out of it. The mixing part happened but I ended up being lazy to attempting making any balls.

Our meal! We got a dish called daktoritang (닭도리탕) which is basically a spicy chicken hot pot. It was delicious!

10:00PM. Headed home, finished a blog article that was due to be released that day, and then watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine until I fell asleep shortly before 1am.


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