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This trembling adored tousled birdmad girl

June 4, 2018 - Spokane, Washington, USA

I missed the daily prompt on a glimpseatmyday (despite multiple reminders!), so I made up for it and did Monday instead of Friday.

6:52am: I start the day getting ready for work. I really need to clean my dresser top, but when I got back from my last trip, I just sort of tossed stuff there.

6:55am: Dressed and ready for work. These are new pants that I love a lot, and they are super comfortable!

6:56am: I start by unloading the dishwasher.

7:02am: Before making breakfast, I down a glass of water.

7:07am: Preparing a smoothie for breakfast.

7:09am: Our fridge is too small, and I am always annoyed by it. (It's also short.) It is one of several things I dislike about this kitchen, but we're only here less than three more months!

7:10am: Looking now, I see I put too much kale in!

7:16am: Final smoothie. It was a bit greener than I'd have liked. I left half for my husband.

7:18am: I assembled my lunch before leaving.

7:22am: Heading out the door!

7:23am: My car is the one closest to the camera.

7:25am: Leaving for work. I grabbed the first pair of sunglasses I saw, which was a free pair from a Yelp event.

7:46am: I have made it to work. This is from across the street.

7:50am: I arrive at work and this is my office waiting for me.

8:05am: I checked my daily quote from the Zen calendar my dad gave me for Christmas.

8:05am: Next I grabbed a cup of coffee. People find it odd that I can wait until work for coffee, but some days I don't drink it at all! Also, you will see my Mothman mug that my bestie gave me. :)

10:10am: Filling up my water cup at the fountain at work. I am limited on taking photos inside the building for security purposes.

11:01am: I checked the weather, and it is pretty nice for the week.

11:31: Preparing my lunch, using this ancient toaster that is probably a safety hazard!

11:33am: Lunch at last. Avocado toast.

11:48am: After I ate, I wen to check my post office box and buy stamps. This is such a lovely post office. It is pretty and friendly. It is one thing I will miss!

11:53am: I sat outside the building for a few minutes because I didn't feel well. Unfortunately, it was chilly and windy, so I didn't get enough fresh air to really help me out.

12:24pm: Post-lunch, I felt terrible. (I have been fighting something for a few days.) I decided to come home and work from there, but first I took a short nap to get my energy back up.

2:00pm: After a bit of a nap, I took a shower to try to ease myself up to spend the afternoon working from the couch.

2:05pm: I poured a big glass of iced tea to sip on while working from the couch.

2:06pm: Napoleon provided some love for me, as he knew I wasn't feeling well.

2:11pm: I got my laptop set up on the coffee table to work from the couch.

2:24pm: E decided to sit in the living room to eat his lunch, and Napoleon patiently awaited to see if there would be anything in it for him.

3:54pm: Napoleon sits by my side all afternoon while I work.

4:55pm: I was finally feeling better and needed to make a run to the grocery store for some fruits and veggies. I put back on my pants from earlier, but a different shirt.

5:00pm: Waiting in traffic to go to the store. At least there wasn't a train!

5:23pm: My grocery store haul! Time to go home.

5:33pm: I picked this up in the store, and it's so good!

5:50pm: I prepared a marinade for portobello mushroom caps to grill. I usually watch Netflix while cooking. This is a special on The House of Windsor. (I am really into British Royal stuff lately. Guilty pleasure.)

5:54pm: I got the asparagus ready for grilling.

6:08pm: I put some sliced potatoes in the air fryer to cook.

6:32pm: While dinner was cooking, I prepared this salad for my lunch the next day. Greens, carrots, onions, sundried tomatoes, vegan "chicken."

6:41pm: Dinner is grilling. I only ate the asparagus and mushrooms, but E made extra for the future.

7:03pm: Napoleon was observing the dinner process from the back of the couch, most likely with hope of getting some.

7:22pm: During and after dinner, we watched a few episodes of Jeopardy from the DVR.

7:52pm: Since I've been sick, I end the night early with a good book. This book is surprisingly better than I expected when I bought it at a library booksale!

That is my rather boring day!

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