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Home tour

I know I'm extremely late, but I remembered I had some pictures taken months ago, when I did a "home tour" for my records (the house is new and we moved here only a couple years ago). Given that I'm normally a bit reserved about my house, I thought to recycle these photos to take part to the challenge, I hope it's ok.


I love my kitchen, we put such an effort to project and assemble it as it is. I think I have a crush for white kitchens! Instead I don't like the glass table and the dark chairs, but they were a kind of inheritance so here they are. Only one thing is missing in this pic and it's a large transparent vase in which I collect wine and beer corks.


Our entrance and sofa, from the opposite point of view. In that bookshelf/column we actually store our helmets, because I've added another bookshelf for books :D


We have these big windows that let light to enter... Finally. My previous apartment was very little and dark. Next to the tv there's a chair that I decorated with decoupage (white with Tuscany inspired postcards) that I use to leave on my bags.



Our bedroom, like the rest of the house, is quite bare. I'm still deciding what I'd like to hang on the walls (maybe one day I'll convince myself to print some travel photos!)

20160207_134110 20160207_134127

Main bathroom, two points of view.

20160207_134434 20160207_134700

These are two other bedrooms. One is actually used as a studio and it's furnished with my and my husband' furniture of when we were children. The other is quite empty and I used it to store motorbike related things, shoes and laundry.

20160207_134553 20160207_134620

Secondary bathroom.


Vegetable garden.



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