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Home Tour

This is my 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. My husband and I bought this house in 2014 and while we have big plans for renovation in the future, we love it so much. I was off today and so I did tidy - but because that's part of my normal routine.

Many of these are panoramas, so click on the pictures to enlarge.

Outside the front of my home.  It was snowing this morning, but it's back to sunny-ish now.  Apparnetly I need to clean cobwebs off the outside of the house.

Peeking inside from the front door.

The living room.

The first bedroom/guest room/storage.  Most of the stuff on the bed is from my car which was totaled in an accident earlier this week (I'm fine though!).

Looking down the hallway.  I literally stepped outside and back in and they were super excited to see me.

Swing a right and I'm in the master bedroom.

And the master/jack & jill bath accessible off the front bedroom.

Across the hall is the third bedroom, also known as...

..."The Reptile Room".  Four snakes, 1 bearded dragon, 1 leopard gecko.  1 snake and the gecko belong in our pet store, but the gecko is being "rehabbed" and one snake is "overstock" that is going to replace a snake I'll likely send to its new home this weekend.

Beyond that is the laundry area and the second bathroom.

The last part of the house is the kitchen and dining room/office/where we spend 99% of our non-sleeping time.  This room is super late 70s/early 80s.  Someday we will entirely gut it and start over.

And then I step through the door off the kitchen into the back yard.  The pile of black bags are leaves and other yard gunk that need to make their way into the yard waste recycling bin incrementally.

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