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Home Tour - April 18, 2018

I didn't intend to participate originally because I was supposed to be out of town for work this week, but I got back early, so I did it a day late. I followed directions and didn't clean first, and you can see a few weak spots, but I have been gone more of this month than I've been home because I've been traveling for work and for job interviews for my next job. This weekend, the only full weekend I actually get at home this month, will be when I finally get everything more to my standards. I am pretty exhausted these days, as you can imagine.

Anyway, here we go!

Our front door. I bought this spring-themed welcome sign because of the carrots. It's a little joke because we're vegan. :)

Walking in, we have too many shoes, but Napoleon is here to greet us! Also, the laundry closet is open because my husband is air-drying some pants.

This bookshelf is to the right when you walk in. It is one of several smaller shelves we have. I own too many books. :) It appears some stuff on the top side got shifted over. My husband sometimes uses this to put things like coffee mugs while he puts on his shoes, and I yell at him. :) I also just realized for the first time that my law school graduation photo is messed up! I need to fix that tonight.

Our living room is relatively tidy. I see some dog toys. :)

This is our pantry. It is usually pretty full because I love to cook and we keep a lot of standards like nuts, rice, flours, etc.

I had just come from the grocery store, that is why there is a bag and food on the counter. I don't love my kitchen, but it works. I long for a larger kitchen in our next home! Also, these cabinets are hella ugly, but I didn't choose them. The joy of renting!

Another shot of the kitchen. It is.. functional.

The dining room is somewhat messy. My husband has been growing his herbs and plants inside because it's still not quite warm here. I will be glad when they are back outside.

Here is a closeup of the windowsill with his many various herbs and plants. He has a great green thumb, but I am cranky my dining room turned into a makeshift greenhouse.

Another view of our living room. One complaint I have about this apartment is that the living room is small, but we're only here a few more months anyway. And, yes, there are plants in every window. Please hurry, summer. Ha!

Walking onto our patio, there is an inflatable snowman, a snow shovel, and yet more things my husband is growing. I don't even know what to say about this. Also, you can see part of a pole with duct tape on it. That is a relic from the winter when the snow would pile on a tree off the balcony, and we had to fashion a really long pole to knock it off so it didn't block our satellite dish. I am so ready to move. Lol!

The other side of the patio looks more normal. :) You can see aforementioned satellite dish and tree.

The view from our place is the star of the show. That is why we rented this place.

Moving back inside, this is the guest bathroom. It is fairly neat. There is a sweater hanging to air dry.

My husband has been doing some sort of cleaning process involving papers in the office, so it is a totally mess right now. I honestly have not been in it for a week and a half because I was gone for a week and then never use the office during the week. I was shocked to see what a mess it was!

This room is truly a nightmare, and this one is my fault. Our guest room is where I dropped my suitcases after I got home from a business trip. Then I did laundry and just dumped it there. I will put everything away on Saturday and it will be nice again, but on this day it is the worst shape I think it's ever been in!

Our "master" bathroom is nothing to write home about, but it is private to our bedroom.

My husband thinks the rocking chair over there is for clothing. ;) Also, it is finally time to put the electric blanket up, so I can stop having those cords under the bed. I don't love our bedroom. I plan to better decorate after we move. And encourage my husband to use matching sheets/pillows in the future. He changed the bedding right before picking me up at the airport this weekend, so plus for him on that. :)

So, that's it.. our little home. We're moving later in the summer (not sure where yet, it depends on where I get a job), and it's served us fine for the year we've lived there, but there is a lot I would change if I could!

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