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My House Is A Mess - April 17, 2018

I've been sick since the beginning of April. I had a house full of guests last weekend. My house needs a weekend of cleaning. We are a mess. But I challenged us to give a house tour today and not to pick it up or move anything for the purpose of doing it - so bear with me.

This is my house from across the street.

I've blurred out the address, but this is the front of my house.

We park one car under the covered car spot and the other in the driveway. We have two doors. The door we're going to go into in a second attaches to our family room. The family room used to be a garage, but the former homeowners converted it to make the house bigger.

Violet put a bunch of little stuff on this table last time she was here and calls it her garden. I've been watering the herbs for her.

We always go in the side door. I'm not really sure why.

The lighting of the rest of the pictures is exceptionally bad. This is the family room. It is a mess. The mess you see to the leftside of the picture is my shoes which I need to pick up. The mess on the far couch is actually a folded blanket and the cat bed. Luckily you can't see my printer mess because the coffee table is blocking it.

Behind the couch and against the wall is Justin's desk.

Also against the wall is our messy bookcase.

Behind the far couch is Checkers's dog crate. You can also get a glimpse into our messy closet.

The closet is remnants of the former garage. It runs the length of the room. Our washer and dryer are in there with the kitty litter.

From the family room you can peak into the rest of the house.

When you walk through the living room/dining room is to the right. That's not usually where the table is, but I haven't rearranged since our dinner party.

We have this cool locally made bowl on the coffee table.

To the left of the living room is the kitchen. Man, the sun is coming in bright!

My array of fridge stuff.

When you walk through the living room, you come onto the bedrooms and bathroom. The cabinet to the right has my towels in it. It fit so perfectly in that spot. The big downside of this house is the lack of closets.

To the right is Violet's room. It's a mess. She's not here for a few weeks. I need to clear off the bed.

Next to her bed is my vanity.

It's all a mess :-X

Just outside Violet's room is the main bathroom.

uuuhhhh... peak into my bedroom.

Justin clearly didn't make the bed when he got up this morning.

And our dressers are too full...

But I have pretty art on the walls?

And a peak into our bathroom.

OK - that's it. Sorry. It's a mess.

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