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A day in Seattle

Hi, I'm Anjelica, 28.  This is my second DITL  in Seattle, where I've recently moved from Korea.  This is a very typical, domestic day, where I go to my new job and hang out around the house.

Good morning!  It's 7:20am, Monday morning, and I've got to leave my warm bed and head to work.

It's cold.  I don't want to get my hair wet.  Can I pull off this hair for another day?  ...Yeah, I think so.

After a quick wash up I head into our bedroom.  Noah's already up and the place is a mess.

The whole apartment is a mess! (Also I've become my mom.)

Take my vitamins.

Eat some leftover quiche.

In our bedroom, Noah is buttoning up a nice shirt and I am wearing a sports bra and deciding on glasses instead of contacts today.  I do marketing for a chiropractic and wellness clinic, and the office is closed to patients for the week.  So...comfort!

Speaking of comfort, Elise is making me uncomfortable by ignoring her food.  Strange.

It's about 8am and I leave to walk to the bus.  It's only about 8 blocks away, but it will take at least 10 minutes because I must go up a few steep (for me) hills.

I steel myself.


At the top of the hill, at last!  My first bus.

And here, my second!  I only have the one connection to make, and it's from the stop that bus #1 drops me at, so no trouble at all.

And here's my work neighborhood!  The weather has been really nice in Seattle, lately.

The hallways are always empty, and I never hear anyone in this building.

The first thing I do is spill my tea.

Getting paper towels.  By the way, here is my "no patients today" work look.  I'm actually going to be the only one in the office this week.

Hmm, still a bit of time before I have to clock in.

I've been neglecting my bullet journal.  Today I've got work and have been considering an al-anon meeting, but I've never been.

At 9, I start my "battle plan."  I've been at my job since the first of the month, and the training company the clinic goes through asks that we write ourselves a daily task list called a battle plan...and that we also fill out their daily/weekly lists.  It's very helpful for list-makers like myself, but it can be redundant.

I start out the morning by following up some leads from last week.

And following up even more leads!

I guess I can't access my website anymore?

A little later I tune in to the onboarding call.

After that I scheduled a couple events and sent out flyers.

Lunch!  Last week Noah and I did some meal prep, so we've been feasting on chipotle chicken burrito bowls.  I also take my lunchtime vitamins.

And pester Noah.

More calls.

More tea.

More feedback.

More events.

More phone calls!

I took a breather and texted Noah about a lead that I got.  This woman was a hoot!  She was giving me a spelling and said "CB...as in 'cat' 'boy'" ahhaha.

I couldn't face the phones anymore, so I got through a different project on my battle plan: an office fish bowl so that patients can enter their offices for a chance to win a free massage day.  And this takes me to 3pm!

Bye office!!

At the bus stop, my best friend, D'Marco, messages me.  I'm supposed to be editing his book, but I've been sick, then busy, then out of town.  I'm a piece!

I stopped at Safeway on the way home to get the baking powder (referenced earlier) and some butter.

What a lovely day.  I decide to walk home instead of taking the bus.

We're only about 15-20 minutes away.

One of the weirdest things about being back in America is expecting things to be different.  I still expect to see narrow streets, like in Korea, or more cars.  I expect different smells.  I expect more motorcycles, delivery bikes, people parking on the side walk, and booths with street food.  I expect buses to be faster and more frequent.  It was very frustrating for me when I first moved back, but I've gotten used to it now (again), and now I'm much happier and more grateful.  Instead of seeing a street with no entrances to the subway, I see parks and bridges and feel happy.  Instead of feeling irritated that I have to take a bus into a busier shopping area, I'm grateful for the zoning laws that have given me such a peaceful neighborhood so close to a city.

Finally, I'm home!

"Meow, finally, you're home!"

I go straight into the spare room to check on the cat-pee-spot.  About a month ago we spent a night out of town and Elise peed in this spot.  Since then we've been testing out cleaners, and finally we got it (Natures Miracle, if you're wondering) but now we're dealing with a mildewy smell from the moisture in the area.  I sprinkled some deodorizing powder down and let it set.  The candle is for good measure.

Oh, and here is a general view of the room.  We might turn it into a guest room, but for now it's just more sitting space.  It gets a lot of light.

And a nice view for Elise!

Back in the living room, I put on my favorite new album.  I got it for $3 at a great little shop outside of the city proper.

Elise joined me on the couch.

The look of love.

I spent an hour or so reading D'Marco's book.  It's a semi-autobiographical novel about a black entrepreneur from Detroit who relocates to the West coast.

Not satisfied with my level of comfort, I go into the bedroom to put on some leggings.  Now I'm ready to make dinner.

Those of you who've been reading my days for a while will be familiar with this set up:  laptop in the kitchen, Dr. Phil on youtube.

The finished project...dough!  I'm making scfincione.  (sfin-joo-ni.)  It's Sicilian pizza, which should explain the pronunciation (I swear, every time I post something about Sicilian food, some Italian 201 student ~corrects me).

Random toppings - basically, just what we have in the fridge that's about to go off.

I put it in the oven just about the time that Noah arrives home.

The slanted ceiling just makes him look taller.

Feeding our daughter.

And now time to feed ourselves!


After dinner, we relax on the couch.

We put on Kick-Heart, a 12 minute animated short.

Noah's face explains it all.  It was hilarious but also bizarre.

I tried to call my sister, but she didn't answer.  She texted me instead.  I couldn't remember the name of the show I wanted to watch, and she told me that it was called Hell Girl.  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it!

Instead, we watch something bizarre about "Fast Walkers"...aka UFOs.  It was cringey in the best way.

Scoot over.

Elise joins us.

Elise smothers us.

It's ice cream time.  Noah scoots closer, but then tells me that he doesn't want to be in the picture.

"No more pictures!"

It's bedtime anyway.

"Meow, where've you been?"

"This feels invasive."

And Noah throws the blankets over my camera.  Goodnight!

Thanks for reading!  New friends are always welcome, especially if you're in the Seattle area :)

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