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Home Tour - Augusta, GA, USA


Welcome to my home! In 37 photos, I'll show you around my 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom flat. I do love it very much, and I hope you enjoy it as well. I'm lucky, as my housekeeper comes to my house on Mondays so my house is tidier than it usually is. I did no extra tidying, however, so what you see is what you get.

Right as you walk in, you see my living room. I have a fireplace that I have never used. The artwork on top of the television is from the local art show that happens every year. I do sit in the recliner when I want to concentrate on reading and not on the television. The door goes out to the balcony.

I eat my breakfast out here on weekends if it is warm enough/not raining. I don't have any neighbours to the left of me.

My view isn't really inspiring, but the trees are nice. Next door is a care home from old age pensioners with memory conditions. I do have a neighbour to the right of me, but she is never home.

Detail of my mantle (from left to right): an Icelandic gnome; a family photo collage and a lava stone from Iceland; small hand-painted sketches of London; Floki, Thor and Newt Scamander; a small box with my initial on it (it's filled with junk).

My gold glitter ampersand and my beloved Google Home. I also like my modern lights much more than the included light fixtures in my flat.

My enormous television with all sorts of junk on the stand underneath it. Nothing important (except my passports hidden away) and I have no cable discipline whatsoever.

The view from the balcony door, basically. The dining room and beyond the kitchen. The doors lead to the guest bathroom and the guest bedroom. We'll visit them in a moment.

My Nest thermometer that I can control from work. I need to wipe some fingerprints off the metal shield.

Here's where I eat everyday. I assembled the table and chairs by myself. Mum and I found these fantastic silver place mats at a discount homewares shop. My lunchbox is on the table because I have just gotten home to take these photos. The roses are made of paper and newspaper and the vase they're in is a spray-painted Badoit bottle.

My beloved Ikea mirrors.

I am not Orthodox in anyway, but I collect Russian, Greek and Syrian Orthodox ikons because I find them beautiful and comforting. The one on the left and not on the wall is a prayer card from an Orthodox funeral that I recently attended.

I don't have a foyer area; my door opens directly into my living room. I hang up my outerwear and put my shoes and bags in this corner. There's a mirror there I never really use, and of course, an empty box of sparkling water that I have to take to the recycling.

Hello kitchen! It's so enormous. I love the white cabinets. I don't love the brass handles, but whatever!

My sink is full of Monday's dishes already, but those will stay there until my cleaner comes. The corkboard was my grandfather's; I keep thank you notes and cards and pens and all sorts of other stuff. It was truly a perfect spot for it.

My tea station, featured in all my days. The kettle is connected to a smart plug, so I can turn it on with my voice ('Hey Google, please turn the kettle on."). The tile is where I make the tea, so I don't get tea stains on the counter. It's a shower tile I got from a DIY place, and it matches my kitchen aesthetic. The terra cotta tea storage is from Fortnum & Mason, my favourite luxury shop in London, and the bowl with the Splenda was made by a former co-worker. I have stroopwaffels from Lidl for an afternoon snack because I 'heat' them on top of my roobois tea. The drawer directly underneath has my Yorkshire Gold tea, tea spoons and other tea essentials, and the cupboard directly above my tea station has all my travel mugs for work and my regular tea mugs. This is where I spend a lot of time.

The magnets, invitations, photos and pamphlets on my fridge. I made the coin magnets myself. I am not good at DIY.

I have decided that I will never live in a house without a pantry again (this is folly, I'm sure of it). I do have a whole shelf dedicated to tea things, as you can see.

And here we have the guest bedroo. It is really just my office. We have my desk and...pretty much nothing else.

My desk with all the books that I am reading for this class. The owl and fox blanket was a Christmas gift from my mum. I also have a Google home mini for study sessions. The poster is from the 800th anniversary of my university, the University of Cambridge, which was also the year I graduated.

My bookshelf is an old cheap thing from Wal-Mart, but it has been through multiple moves at this point. I prefer reading things on my Kindle, but there are some books that just aren't available.

My many GISHWHES flags. GISHWHES is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. I participated for seven years, but I didn't buy a flag the first year I did it.

A map of the world that I use all the time. It's done in the Winkel Tripel projection, where country sizes are more realistic and distortion is low. /map nerd

The other part of the room that you cannot see from the door. To the left is a closet, and there are more of my shoes. To the right is a storage thing with a bunch of junk and my large collection of sunglasses.

Inside the closet is holiday decorations, my hoover, winter coats (really unnecessary in this climate), and all of my loo roll. I have two bathrooms, so I need a bit more loo roll than the average person.

The guest bedroom has a door to the guest bathroom inside of it, which is pretty cool.

I really just use my guest bathroom to hang clothes that can't be put in the dryer. I'm very lazy about putting clothes back in the closet though. These were still slightly damp though...

And now we hhead to my bedroom. I never make my bed, so I wasn't going to pretend I did for this home tour. My walls are very bare though.

My nightstand, with my journal and Kindle. The lamp is touch activated and comes with USB plugs, so that's pretty cool. The wire on the floor is my phone chager. My sheets are from Target.

This is my prize possession: a painting done by Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy and Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes.

My lovely white dresser, clothes hamper, and butterfly chair that I bought on a whim even though I don't really do anything with it. My duvet is on the floor because duvets are too hot in this state.

Probably my favourite thing about this flat is this amazing closet I have. There's also an attic but there's nothing up there. My closet is quite messy.

It's so big I can fit a full-sized washer and dryer in it. I did laundry and have yet to put away my bras.

I don't have a proper linen closet but I have these shelves in my huge closet so there we go.

This is my private bathroom. The shower curtain is from Ikea.

I have a clock in my bathroom so I know what time it is in the morning for work. I have changed the battery in in once in five years. The little light in the socket on the left is so I don't have turn on the light to use the bathroom at night.

A peek inside my bathtub/shower. Nothing special, just very clean.

Thanks for taking a peek!

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