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ADIML - March 23, 2018

I missed the announcement that there was a challenge for Monday, and I had already done the Friday previous, so I am just posting that. It was slightly more unusual because I drove to/from a different state, as opposed to just a regular work day.

I am on a temporary position (a judicial clerkship), so I am interviewing for my next job after this one is up in the summer. This interview took me to Idaho, which is only about a 25 minute drive, but it sounds exotic. The interview was first thing in the morning (8am). Here I am dressed to go, making a slightly crazy eye face.

It was very cold yesterday morning because it was so clear. (This morning it is snowing, but the temperature is actually warmer!)

The steering wheel was cold, so I dug out some gloves I keep in the center console for situations such as this.

This was the view from outside the building where the law firm I was interviewing with is located. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is so beautiful.

When I got in, the offices were not yet open, so I waited and snapped this photo of the interior lobby.

After my interview I stopped at a small bookstore and coffee shop in CdA that I adore. If I lived in CdA, I would be a regular there! This is the coffee shop area. I got a seasonal specialty drink called The Taj Mahal, which was chai powder, coconut milk, and turmeric with a shot of espresso added. It was so good!

I stopped by my home on the way from the interview to work (it was on the way) to change clothes and grab the lunch my husband had made for me. Here I am setting back out to go to work at about 9:30am.

Here is a selfie once I got to work and parked the car.

My office! I can't take photos inside most of my workplace because it's a federal courthouse, so there are always limited shots at work. This day, I had the standing desk in the stand mode for a while, as seen here.

Bathroom selfie shows the outfit I wore for the rest of the day. I hate wearing a suit longer than I have to, so I changed into pants and a sweater.

Mid-morning snack time with this highly addictive vegan jerky. It is SO GOOD.

I put some lipstick on for the day, so another selfie.

My co-worker got an anti-fatigue mat for his office since they finally got him a standing desk. I asked to borrow it for a half hour to see how I liked it. TBH I don't know if it made a lot of difference.

I went outside to check my mail, which is located in the next building over from mine, and it was still bright and sunny, even feeling somewhat warm. The clouds didn't roll in until later.

I got my mail, and there was this amusing and strange card from my friend Pam. She visited New Mexico last month.

She also sent me the CUTEST thank you card EVER.

When I got back to work, I ate my lunch, which was a "breakfast" sandwich E made for me. These are so good. This one is made with vegan breakfast patty, tofu, vegan cheese, and lots of special seasonings that he uses to make it addictive, all on a double fiber English muffin. It's a sweet spot for protein, fiber, and carbs. Mostly, it just tastes good and keeps me full! It does not photograph well though.

I checked the weather while eating lunch, and this forecast is BS. I am ready for real spring!

After work, you can see how the clouds have rolled in. This is a random intersection between my office and the interstate. The rain had started to lightly fall, too. (This photo makes Spokane look way uglier than it really is!)

Oddly, it was not yet cloudy in Spokane Valley (like 15 minutes away) when I got there. I stopped at this grocery store nearish to my home for dinner provisions.

Post-shopping success. Also, the best shopping bags have baguettes sticking out!

It had to wait a long time in the chilly wind (the clouds had found the Valley by this point) for the Redbox to get the disc I had reserved. Friday night is traditionally pizza and movie night in our home.

After I got home, I set up a spread for dinner. While we did have dough, there was miscommunication about it, so we didn't actually have pizza. This is all vegan by the way!

Napoleon sat on E's lap, in the hopes of getting some food. Of course he did. He is so shaggy. He needs to go to the groomers, but he has to have a second booster vaccine for the dog flu that is happening out here before I feel comfortable taking him. He goes for that on April 13.

After dinner, I snacked on some of this, which is ok at best. I appreciate it is vegan and low-cal, but the texture is weird.

Post-food coma while we watched the movie. I would give it 3 of 5 stars. Gary Oldman was amazing, but the film itself was average.

After the movie, I took a shower and put on my beauty stuff. This is my new eye cream. It is pricey, but I think it is working. My fine lines are better, but I continue to have dark circles. I think that's just me.

Before going to sleep, I checked the radar. The snow is almost here. Boo. This also shows the geography of the places I have talked about. (It did snow on Saturday and Sunday, but fortunately nothing stuck to the ground.)

The fuzzy monster plays with his toy as we all get into bed to watch "Medium" on Amazon Prime.

And that's it! Friday, March 23, 2018

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