vitaestiter (vitaestiter) wrote in glimpseatmyday,

A week of outfits (a week late)

I remembered this week!

This was also a parent-teacher conference day at school, although this is pretty much how I dress daily.

Day #2 of parent-teacher conferences. Monday went well (despite making for a more than 13 hour day), so I was pretty happy that morning.

Forgot to take one at school  This exact outfit has been featured in previous I wear it a lot.  It's like pajama-level comfortability.

THURSDAY!  Our district has a four-day school week so this is technically my Friday.  It also means more casual dress.

I have a nearly full-day class on this Friday (once per month, for my teacher licensing program).  This was just after I got home from it and running a few errands, at about 4:30.  I'd say the weekend really has started, but... husband and I own a pet store (open a whole 10 hours a week in our tiny rural town) and we're open for 6 hours on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.  So we did that, and then got a late lunch, and then I went grocery shopping.  So now, at around 5:30pm on Saturday, my weekend starts.  I'm not really one for sitting around much, so insanely busy suits me well.


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