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6 days of outfits (with an outfit change on one day)

I have no idea what to do with my hands usually in photos, hence the awkward placement. Also, I am not comfortable with my body hence the weird poses. Anyway, without further ado.


1. I always wear all black on Mondays.
- Jacket: Target
- Dress: GAP
- Leggings: Costco
- Shoes: Bobs by Sketchers

2. Mardi Gras!
- Dress: Goodwill
- Leggings: Marks & Spencers
- Boots: DSW
- Beads: gift from a Spanish teacher

3. So I tripped up the stairs, and tore a hole in my dress (bottom right photo) and changed for my usual volunteering session that didn't happen (other 3).
- Dress: Target
- Leggings: Wal-Mart
- Boots: DSW

- Sweater: Target
- Jacket: Target

4. I forgot to take a picture :(

5. It was so hot on Friday that I wore a spring-weight dress. I hate Georgia weather so much.
- Dress: eshakti
- watch: Fitbit Ionic

6. wtf is this pose
- shirt: Wal-mart (I think)
- Jeans: Old Navy
- shoes: Bobs by Sketchers

7. I went to a boardgame session at a friend's house.
- shirt: GAP
- jeans: Old Navy


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