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Outfits - February 12-18, 2018

I decided to join the challenge for outfits over the past week. I learned a few things about this: 1. This was a weird week where I worked from home twice. 2. I need to come up with a better place for photos than a bathroom. 3. I need to clean my bathroom mirror.

And now without further ado..

Monday, February 12... regular work Monday. It was freezing out, though. (Quite literally) Thus, it was a comfy, warm sweater and leggings kinda day.

Tuesday, February 13... another work day. The shirt under my blazer is a summer shirt, but I love the pattern.. and I wanted to dream of days above freezing.

Wednesday, February 14... another work day, but we had a big snowstorm, so I worked from home. Thus, I got to work in yoga pants and a sweatshirt. :)

Thursday, February 15... a regular workday, except that I had a job interview in the afternoon. I did wear a black blazer over this dress, but I don't have it on in this photo.

Friday, February 16... I worked from home again, this time because I was supposed to have maintenance on my apartment. So, it was comfy clothes again (after grabbing a very large latte).

Saturday, February 17... Another snowstorm! I had to go to the store, though, so I put on a thick sweater and went out.

But most of my day was spent wearing this..

Sunday, February 18... I didn't even leave home, but I did actually change out of PJs so I could do some yoga.

That's my week!

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