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December 31, 2017

I wake up at 7:38 the last day of 2017. The room is dark dark dark, but the sun is creeping through the curtains.

I get wrapped up in my robe and slippers, because my house is super cold.

Checkers goes out to the potty and I give him a treat from his jar.

Checkers eats his breakfast.

Isabelle would rather get head kisses than eat her breakfast.

I make myself a cup of coffee.

I go online for a bit.

I pull out a book to read. I'm loving this one.

I pour myself a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats.

I vacuum the living room and then I take the vacuum completely apart to clean it because it's not sucking great.

I get myself dressed.

Justin and I take Checkers out for a walk. He's going to have a long night, so we need to get him running. Oh, like his sweater?

Justin, Violet, and I all have a cup of tea when I get home.

Violet and I go to Subway and get us all sandwiches for lunch.

I take a 3 hour nap, because I need to be prepped for the night. Then I sit outside while Checkers plays outside.

At about 4 I take a shower.

Checkers and Violet play.

I start getting ready for our party night.

I get myself decked out and ready to go.

At 5:45 we get in the car and go! Like my sparkly pants?

First things first though, we need gas.

We drive an hour to Justin's cousin's house. This is their dog Bob.

Daniel's wife Arlene takes pictures of us before we go.

We get in the car and go to our destination, an airplane hangar, owned by Daniel's stepmom's sister and husband. This is where we party!

Welcome to the party!

They feed us barbecue.

I'm so happy to spend the night with my two loves.

We walk around the upper level and look down at the dance floor, the tables, and the big airplane.

On the upper level there's a ton of Indian motorcycles. (I am hanging out with rich people. I am not used to this.)

Justin plays on his cellphone. People dance. At one point I line dance. There's also a pinball machine in there which I play on some.

15 minutes before the new year, we are getting ready!

We get our champagne ready.

Midnight comes and we PARTY!

It's not captured on film, but I kiss my love.

At about 12:20 we leave. I pose in front of the big plane.

We get in the car and Arlene, our DD, drives us back to her house.

We hang out some more before we go up to the guestroom and pass out.


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