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One Week Of Dinners

If I was going to get a score on this, it wouldn't be 100%. I am so bad sometimes at remembering to take photos!

December 2: I failed the first day! It was my 31st birthday. We spent the day in Disneyland and I killed my cellphone battery that day, so by dinner there wasn't any left. We went to BJ's and I had spaghetti and meatballs. This picture comes from their website of what the dish should look like. Mine was substantially similar but less beautiful.

December 3: On Sunday we dropped my boyfriend's daughter back off with her mom's and we met at a restaurant called Juan Pollo. We had chicken tacos for dinner.

December 4: I made soup from stuff we had in the fridge, which included ground beef, carrots, chickpeas, and celery.

December 5: I made baked Nashville Hot Chicken and a salad. The salad is wilty. I really need (and still need) to go to the grocery store.

December 6: ...I forgot to take a picture again, so I yoinked this from google! We went out for sushi (because it was payday.) We ordered a popcorn lobster roll, two spicy tuna handrolls, a half a rainbow roll, and half of another roll I forget what it was.

December 7: Thursday Justin was off from work, so he made us hamburgers and french fries. The burgers had goat cheese, pickles, and a very coarse mustard on them.

December 8: I made a chicken pot pie and sort of burnt the crust. Whoops.

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