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Glimpse At My Day - 11/14/17 - Joshua Tree, CA, USA

I wake up and Justin isn't in bed, but Checkers is in his place. Turns out Justin couldn't sleep and moved out to the couch. Checkers took this as his moment to shine. That was at 6:15.

I go back to sleep at some point and Justin comes back in the room and puts Checkers outside. I wake up for a second time at 8AM and let the dog in.

I feed the cat and dog. Checkers is getting fed on a cookie sheet because he keeps eating too fast and getting himself sick.

I go back to bed and then wake up at 8:30 to the kitty cat on my head.

I lay in bed until 9 and then I make myself a cup of coffee.

Then I curl up on the couch and read some of the current book I'm reading.

Isabelle comes up for the cuddles. Now, excuse my face. Justin and I drank the night prior and I drank too hard and feel like shit.

At 10 Justin wakes up and tells me he wants to go off-roading. Our plan for the day was to take the back road from Pioneertown to Big Bear. We get dressed and go.

We get up to the road and get out to soak in the view. I'm wearing blue today to acknowledge World Diabetes Day. My cousin Katelyn has Type 1 and asked us to.

Justin's super excited for adventure.

We start going.

We think this is the road. We don't have a map. We are ill-prepared.

In our ill-preparedness, we get lost. Well, not really, but sort of. We missed the turn and got ourselves in a position that was hard to turn around. I thought we were going to die. So we back down and explore a little more in less dangerous areas.

Because there was no cell service on the backroads, we turned around and headed back to civilization. We see where we went wrong in missing the lefthand turn, but decide to try this again another time.

And then I was both hungover and car sick and threw up. It was lovely.

We were both hungry, so we stop for burritos. That sounds like good hangover food. In retrospect, off-roading after a night of drinking is the worst idea.

We eat our burritos and watch Alias Grace.

At around 3 o'clock I go take a shower.

Then we pretty much chill on the couch the rest of the day.

We look on google maps and figure out precisely where we went wrong so we don't mess up next time.

Then I do some prep for my cases for the next day at work.

I continue to feel pathetic.

Then I feed the cat and the dog their dinners at 5:30.

I check the mail and unwrap this book I got via bookmooch.

I'm getting hungry. Justin heats himself up a frozen dinner and I heat up a meal prep that I have in the fridge. It's turkey spinach meatballs, rice, and broccoli and the dip is a tofu-cilantro-sesame seed dip.

Then I just drink water and watch TV.

I write a postcard for postcardunited.

Just after 9, I get ready for bed.

Then I curl up in bed and read some until I pass out.

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