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Here is a pretty average Wednesday in New Jersey.

Good morning!
My alarms started going off at 7, and were snoozed until I finally get up

I get up, showered and dressed before trying to wake up the little one who crawled into our bed around 5:30am Good morning Fluffy!

Fast forward to him being dressed, and we’re out the door. We’re pretty bad at getting out on time in the morning so... there aren’t many pictures of it lol We’re off! He’s all dropped off Stop by my favorite coffee shop for my morning necessity. Super quick stop at Staples to make a return. I bought envelopes for my son’s party invitations before I realized they came with them. Headed to work.I see this every morning on my way in since I work on a joint military base Stop by the post office to see if I have any mail....and I don’t. Check with my cousin to see if she’ll be joining me for lunch. She also works on the same base as me on Wednesday’s Going inside I have to walk into the gym to get into my office My office Breakfast! We start our weekly administrators chat. I’m one of 20+ administrators across the east coast Apparently some of the other admins were having a hard time with the online chat so we move to a phone conference After the chat is finally over, I walk down the hall that leads me out to the gym where I need to go into the locker room to use the restroom Back to the office Work on student programs plans Fix my calendar I can’t believe we’re almost in November already Earn my self awesome points by ordering this poster for my fiancé before they sold out.. then mess around on the internet for a bit I get hungry so I head out to my car Get myself a yummy lunch Back to my office Eat my buffalo bleu salad Update my LJ Realize what time it is and start getting ready to leave.
The great part about my job, is the flexibility for time I actually need to spend in the office. As long as I'm answering my emails (which I have one my iPhone), and answer my work phone, it doesn't matter to my boss where I am. I just need to be there for my students when they need me.
On my way off base Stop at the mall. I have to return a shirt in FYENeed coffee! Pick up this kid Stop home for a potty break for myself and the dogs Say hello to the cat Then arrive a few minutes late at our next stopOccupational therapy for the kidletWe’re finally done. Head over to the Ocean of Love billboard radiothon. My son was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2014... and this foundation has been absolutely wonderful to us. A local radio station sets out each year to raise $107,500 as one of their DJ’s lives on top of the billboard for 105 hours. Spoiler: they reached their goal today! Ben wants a picture with this creepy guy while we’re there. Quick stop at Target He opens his toys While I toss a crap dinner in the oven Ben does his homework while we eat I pack most of Ben’s lunch for the next day Stick him in the showerAfter he’s done we put his pjs on and snuggle in his bed until he’s asleep Read some of my book while I wait for John to come home from work Ready for Bed Watch a little of The Middle before falling asleep


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