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I did another one of these glimpseatmyday , since in my last post I was at home with the baby. Today is one of my commutes to NYC. I figured I'd show you some of what I do in New York!

Also, if anyone wants to be friends, let me know! I'm always lookin' for active people I can obsessively read on my friends list!

My day starts earlier than usual at 7am. Whyyyyyyyy. It's still dark out.

Husband also gets up.

I pack my bag.

Husband packs his lunch.

Booker gets fed.

And we're off!

The clouds look crazy ominous.

We get to the bus station. Long bus line.

On the bus!

But it's crowded and we don't get to sit together. Whateves. I end up sleeping anyway.

Made it to Port Authority!

NYC street selfie.

Here, have a Times Square. Ugh.

Aw, husband leaves me here because he has to go to work. This is the side of his building because the front entrance is under construction. I blocked out the numbers so hopefully you won't stalk him at work. :P

I contemplate if I should go to my studio or hang out at Bryant Park a bit.

Bryant Park it is. Also, they've erected a ton of little shops where there is usually grass. Still setting them up.

I sit and play with my phone

Some dude throws part of a muffin and all the pigeons arrive.

I head to the studio but stop by a Starbucks.

I wait for 15 minutes because they got my name and order wrong.

Finally got my chai and lemon cake.

Call my mom while I'm walking to check on the baby.

Arrive outside the studio. I get in with my card key.

Go up the elevator and then I put in my special passcode.

I get in and ignore my desk.

For an empty space beside the window. I brought my laptop today and won't be doing any animating, so I don't need my studio computer.

I kill time before I have to meet with my friend for lunch and surf the internet and respond to comments on yesterday's DiTL/Glimpse at my day.

I head out!

My mom texts me a picture of the baby. I miss him already.

I get to our meeting place, Izakaya Nomad.


My delicious ramen!

Afterward, I head to the art store 4 blocks away.

I get a big watercolor notepad.

Walk the half an hour back to the studio.

Work on stuff.

Set the studio up with my friend Susan for Figure Drawing. A naked dude comes and people draw him. I couldn't photograph it, obvs. I timed the poses with my handy dandy kitchen timer.

Somewhere along the way I get bored of figure drawing but I can't go do something else because I'm the one in charge, lol.

Husband picks me up. Susan gives me this glass jar to put some kinda pretty plant called "Baby's Tears" in beacuse I saw them at the studio and thought they were pretty.

Bus home. We catch up on the latest episode of Survivor, our favorite show.

We get to the bus station and get our car in the parking lot. I just noticed husband's poor parking job. Whoops.

We get home (but not before picking up Wendy's for dinner). Booker yowls for food.

I scarf down my unhealthy dinner.

Booker eats his.

And now it is midnight. I am gonna shower and go to bed because the baby is comin' back bright and early tomorrow morning! G'NITE!!


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