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ADIML - October 25, 2017

I decided to participate in the ADIML challenge, but I missed several things. Add that much of what I did during the day I couldn't photograph for work reasons, so I have a sort of abbreviated one here...

I was up and at 'em early so I had a little time to hit the gym before I got to work. The first thing I did was check the weather. Cold. It doesn't tell me here how FOGGY it was!

It was a foggy drive to the gym!

Here is a sweaty, post-gym selfie

I came back, took a shower, and got ready. Here is some samples I have been using, and I really like it, especially the eye cream!

I put on the base for my face, and then I went out to have breakfast before finishing my makeup. I had my last pumpkin spice bagel (so basic) with some vegan cream cheese and Tofurky "roast beef." It was a great mix of sweet and savory, which may sound gross, but totally wasn't!

The sun was finally coming up, but it was still foggy.

I read a little bit of my current book while eating my breakfast.

Then I finished my makeup and had a bad attempt at a selfie while doing it.

All ready to go to work now!

Before I left, I made a latte. Straight coffee hurts my stomach these days, so I need the "milk" to soften it. I used pea protein milk for this one. That is the creamiest stuff!

I am participating in this study with Washington State University to test mobile breathalyzers. I get pinged by them at all random hours of the day (well, between 7am and 9pm), and I have to do it within 30 minutes to get credit (and paid). I got pinged right before I turned my car on, so I did my first test of the day before I left. The selfies on these are always so bad. I have a horrible collection! Lol!

This week we're doing a huge project involving filming at the court where I work, and I have so much work between this project and my regular job. So, my office is a mess of papers everywhere. This is how it looks when I arrive. Oof.

Before filming, I have a few minutes to do some random personal stuff. This includes updating my travel reservations for later this year because I just got assigned a TSA Pre-Check number.

There was a bunch of running around for filming stuff in here, but I can't take photos of any of that. So, the next are during my lunch break.

I bought a Himalayan pink sea salt lamp for my office. It is supposed to have a lot of health benefits. We'll see? It doesn't give off as much light as I had hoped.

For lunch I have leftover soup. I crushed a bunch of saltines to put on top. I LOVE doing this with soup. Am I not alone?

This is from the afternoon filming session.

After work, my husband met me and we went to the fall wine release at Arbor Crest. The event was free for winery club members, but it was SO crowded.

Because it was so crowded, we did not stay that long. We took a selfie on our way out.

The view is undeniably spectacular there though!

We came home and ate some Daiya pizza with our friend Candace, which I didn't get photos of. We DID take a goofy photo with his Halloween costume. Haha!

Napoleon was like, "Who are these weirdos?"

I went to Walmart with Candace after dinner to buy stuff for our Halloween party Friday. My phone was dying, so I got no photos there, but I did get this charming photo of me wearing my grey lipstick (for my costume) after I got home.

Candace says I can pull it off. Y/N?

Anyway, then I showered and crawled in bed with one little dog and a book until my husband finally showed up. Then it was good night!

Please excuse our laundry piled on the floor. We just got our new dryer installed yesterday (finally!), but we haven't had time to attack the backlog of laundry.

This wasn't my best photo-capturing day, but it was one of my busiest days in a long time. I was exhausted last night. I still am!

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