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Just a boring work day...

7:11am 7:12am
Morning Routine

It's so cold. And dark. Why is it so cold and dark? Can daylight savings time be over yet? Usually Astrid joins me in the bathroom to watch me get ready, but today it's Olive.

7:21am 7:29am

7:29am 7:31am
Coffee. (I never remember to wash my cup when I get home so I had to do it in the morning.)


Make my lunch. I hate sandwiches but there is nothing else left.

7:45am 7:49am
Ready and go. I'm late. What else is new?

7:53am 7:57am
Oh, there you are, sun. It's such a pretty view driving over the lake as the sun is coming up, but I couldn't capture it well because I was, you know, driving, and not looking at my camera.

8:02am 8:03am
I have arrived.


Hey, office.


Cram my lunch into the break room fridge.


Outlook finally decides to load, seven minutes later. Everyone keeps telling me I should switch to web, but I have a bad habit of closing my browser every time I get up from my computer so it doesn't work out well.

8:32am 9:03am
We hosted a conference last week, and a bunch of people "didn't get" their receipts.
So I'm making receipts for them. And then I start the long and tedious task of entering the data from their feedback forms from the conference.

I need a bathroom break, so I walk over to the other building that's attached to ours in an effort to get more steps in. I've worked here for three years, and I still feel like I'm walking through a time warp when I go from one building to the other. (My building was built in 2012 and this one was built in the 50s.)

9:44am 10:52am
Take a break from the data entry and waste time on Facebook. And then another bathroom break.


I compose an email to the center asking everyone to submit a photo of themselves for a bulletin board that my boss wants me to create. This should be fun! (That was sarcasm. Collecting photos of people is never fun.)

11:18am 11:37am
I was supposed to have read acts 1 and 2 of King Lear for class today, and I have not.
I start reading it online but then realize that my suitemates (one of which is my boss) are in a meeting that won't be over for awhile, so I switch to the book so I can actually mark things. Of course, it's a library book, so I can't write in it, which is frustrating.



12:05pm 12:06pm
I know my days of being able to eat at the Botanical Gardens are numbered, so I'm savoring them.



Josh arrives and I make fun of his lunch. Note the saran wrap on his cup so his drink didn't spill. He said, "We don't have any cups with lids!" What does he want, a sippy cup? Also, the entire bag of Goldfish because he couldn't be bothered to put some in a smaller container. And he claims that he's freezing and needs to cuddle. It was 58F, and I thought it felt really nice in the sun!

We've been watching these ducks all summer. It's a long story, but basically they're the dumbest ducks on the planet. The boy duck was wandering around lost just quacking and quacking,
so I had to go help him find the white ones...on the other side of the sidewalk...


Back to work. (I get an hour lunch but I'm cutting it short because I have to leave early.)

Why do I have to pee so much today?

1:49pm 3:42pm
Someone asks my to send out an email, and I realize that I never updated the listserv like I was supposed to do weeks ago. So I update it and then get back to King Lear. I don't finish it before it's time to go to class.

3:48pm 3:51pm
Walking to class.


I have arrived. I was trying to get a good stealthy picture, but this is the best I was able to do. It turns out it didn't matter that I didn't finish King Lear because we didn't even end up talking about it till the last 5 minutes of class! Literature classes are weird, man.

5:18pm 5:28pm


Headed home.

Home. Check the mail. I hate how UPS puts the mat over packages. (I'm learning through the comments that this does not happen to other people! So weird! I've lived in like 10 different places with 10 different UPS drivers and they have all done it.)


Release the doggos.

6:10pm 6:11pm
Time to walk.

We walk by these dogs every day, and every day, they bark at us. We can usually get the one with the brown to quiet down, but the white one is deaf. We can't walk our dogs past them because Luna is leash reactive, and these guys are in an invisible fence that comes all the way to the road. :/ Also, someone put pumpkins on our neighborhood sign. How cute!


Home and feed the kitties. You like our sweet NASCAR rug? It came with the house.


Empty and reload the dishwasher. I mentioned in my last ADIML that these two mugs are always dirty because we always use them first.


Potatoes in the oven. (Please excuse my disgusting oven. It's on my to-do list.)

7:44pm 8:22pm
I've had my phone for two months, and I just remembered that it's water proof, so I take advantage of that feature. When I get out, Josh and Olive are being cute, so I lay down with them.



9:13pm 9:16pm
I play on my phone and watch Josh play Hitman for awhile. Olive is being extra affectionate today.

9:49pm 10:10pm
I'm craving donuts and we're out of milk, so we run to Walmart. This is our first "late night" trip to the Walmart closest to the new house. We used to live three minutes from Walmart. Now we live ten, which isn't far, but it's also not "Run to Walmart at 9:49pm for donuts and milk" close either.
So we arrive, and it looks really dark inside, and we worry that they're closing. They're not, though, and we get what we came for. Phew!


We torture play with the cats with the laser pointer for a few minutes.

10:32pm 10:43pm
I eat my donuts in my bed like a savage, and then finally it's lights out. Goodnight!

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