p0mp0k0 (p0mp0k0) wrote in glimpseatmyday,

A very typical day :)!

I wake up way too early for work. I'm not a morning person :(!

First things first... shower!

Apply all the face and hair magic to make me look sane lol

Mochi is always waiting for me to get up and feed her.

Feed and water the cats :)

Mochi is very appreciative. Our other cat is still sleeping somewhere.

I put on make-up and smelly stuff. My vanity is so gross right now :(. I need to clean it!

As good as it'll get! I let my hair air dry since my work isn't too strict about dress code.

My boyfriend goes to work later than I do so he's still sleeping. Mochi likes to walk and lay all over him while he sleeps which is hilarious.

Pack up my lunch (leftover beef stroganoff and blackberries) and purse so I can gtfo and not be late to work.

I warm up the car.

I remind the boyfriend to do some chores before he leaves. We've been waiting for the maintence folks to stop by and replace our garbage disposal so we've been trying to keep our kitchen clean for them.

I put on an album to listen to on my commute. Check out Dounia if you like R&B! I've been obsessed with this album since it came out.

I always hit traffic on I-5 North. I wish I could take a helicopter to work.

I finally make it to work! Here is my cozy desk.

I have cinnamon apple tea and oatmeal for breakfast. I don't wake up early enough to eat breakfast at home.

I spend my morning break staring out the window and chatting with a co-worker about plants.

Work was crazy busy so I didn't take any photos until I got back to my car :(

I come home to my boyfriend petting Snickerdoodle. I made a joke about how quickly he changed into his pajamas after getting home haha!

I am starving when I get home so I snack while we decide what to make for dinner.

I decide to change into my pajamas before making dinner. I had a LONG day at work and just want to be as comfortable as possible.

I make a half ass apple honey cinnamon "sauce" or whatever you want to call it lol

I put the apples over potato latkes! Breakfast for dinner is the best after a long day at work.

Mochi reminds me that the cats need dinner too!

After dinner I sit with Snickerdoodle and give her all the pets.

My friend from work facetimes me and I'm shocked because she's STILL at work! It's after 7 PM! I admire her dedication.

The cats seem to want to watch TV so we put on a random Simpsons Halloween episode.

We mess around on our computers and phones until I get tired enough to start my bedtime routine.

I take off my make-up and lay down in bed. I'll probably read or play on my phone until I eventually pass out.

That's it! Just a typical boring day for me :)!


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