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Glimpse At My Day 2017.10.25 - Macau, South of China

I actually remembered to do this! (Just barely)... So this isn't a photo-galore at all. My day was pretty much standard work day, so nothing exciting happened.

Good morning world at a little after 7:00am.
First order of business is... to go out with the dogs!
There's always 3 of us so that the dogs can be properly taken care of.

On the car ride home, I usually switch Walkr on and get the planets fed and all...

Then we feed the dogs and we make sure each and everyone of them have eaten. Time check, this should be around 8:10am-ish or so.

I have my breakfast (today: Kelloggs Special K with mango-blended-with-milk). It is at this time of the day that I deal with Animal Crossing matters, LOL.

I have... totally forgotten to snap my make up tools and my dress-up. So here we are at my workplace already. Time check 9:30am. This morning was spent mulling over numbers for the 2018 Budget.

It was a painful morning looking at those numbers, figuring "why was I charged for this line item last year?", and making assumptions of "30% up due to expected headcount increase in 2018". It's boring. So we fly to lunch. We had Dim Sum / Yum-Cha today.

Returned to office to work for a bit (this time on filing). Once that was completed, we had a little free time so we stepped out a bit for some fresh air. We spent maybe around 30minutes outside and went back to the office.

Back home, it was another dog walk (19:00), then Mom opening up her "Thailand Goodies Box" with the White Cat checking the box out, LOL

Mom brought us this... "Pork floss sticks"... Now I see on the backside of the packing that it has a very cultured name in Chinese (just think "Pork Floss Sticks") but... I remember this being called 貓屎乾. In English, "Dried Cat Shit". LOL. Sorry to have put you off dinner... but this is actually really good. And it does look like cat s***!

Along the unpacking, Mom also gave me this eye liner which I'm going to try first thing tomorrow... as I've run out of eye liner! Thank you Mom!

I also bought a clutch bag that arrived today. Since it's a clutch bag, you can imagine my next What's In My Bag to be a super downsized item. Maybe. I haven't thought about how to pack/use it yet.

My friend also hooked me up to do a translation job, Chinese to English, which I spent the evening doing. I'd normally be on the phone with games or on the NDS Animal Crossing at this time, but a job is a job and I finished the translation. I'm just letting it sit tonight and tomorrow I will read it again with a fresh eye to see if I've done anything stupid with the English.

And that, my friends... was my 25-October-2017

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