Kylie Jeanne (kyliejeanne) wrote in glimpseatmyday,
Kylie Jeanne

What's in my bag?

A day late and a dollar short as usual. Here is what is in my newly reorganized bag.

I thrifted this small backpack style purse from thredup  over the summer. It holds a lot!

The contents: two coupons to a nearby baby store (I'm pregnant), keys, my wallet with an elephant print on it, prenatal vitamins, pineapple pouch with assorted makeup and hair stuff (3 lip balms, 1 red lipstick, 1 pink gloss, deep red nail polish, mascara, blush, hair ties and Bobby pins), old hard sided glasses case with cloth, external battery charger, cheap sunglasses, and cute corset shaped coin purse, and mints.

Not pictured: 3 pens and my work lanyard


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