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Whats'in my purse - Backpack version


Hi all :) I use to read and watch, but this time I could not resist :D

From Monday to Friday, my bag is a backpack, because I go to work by bike (when the weather is good). I bought this one in a local market, most of all because I fell in love with its colours.


From the left, clockwise:
- a blue fabric bag from the University days (many years ago!) that I carry with me for last-minute grocery shopping;
- some post-it and a funny notebook with a Spanish quote (I'm Italian, but it's a souvenir from a friend's Spanish trip), that I use both for work and for other things;
- lip balm, mini hand lotion, emergency deodorant (you never know);
- compact mirror and a square metal box with painkillers and aspirin;
- small umbrella, phone charger;
- glasses and sunglesses in their respective covers;
- wallet and a pouch for pads;
- tissues, pens and home keys;
- not pictured: office keys and smartphone (I was taking the photos ;))

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