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Glimpse at my bag!

I am a few days behind uploading my photos, but here is my adventure into "glimpse at my bag" that others did.

First, my bag:

I use this bag because it's large and I can carry a variety of stuff in it for work. I use smaller, crossbody-style bags when I am not going to work, but this was a workday, so I used my large bag.

Ok now peering in (and you can see my feet!):

And finally everything taken out and placed on the weird extra chair that is mysteriously in my office and no one knows why:

Top row left to right:
The book I am currently reading (it's ok, and it's set in Seattle, where I have a love-hate relationship, so it's interesting at least to see a familiar setting), (hard to see but) the case for my sunglasses clips that fit one of my pairs of regular glasses (this case is also empty, as the clips were in my car), a hair band (that you can barely see), a pack of cards and business cards that was swag from an event at the Attorney General's Office last week, gum, pens, my keys (and one business card flipped over - oops)

Bottom row left to right:
A receipt from dinner last Friday (this was thrown away after), my wallet (it has cash, my insurance cards, my AAA card, and my parking pass), my phone case (the phone [which I am using to take the photo] is in a magnetic case that detaches from the rest of the vegan leather wallet case, which is a wallet that is my primary wallet and has my drivers license, Costco card [although I rarely use this, I keep it close for buying gas], and debit card - I love this phone/wallet because I can carry it solo and it is all I really need), three lipsticks (all red because I have an addiction!), hand sanitizer and hand cream (with the plastic bag they were still in because I flew last month and had to put them in the bag when going through security)

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