Nicki (dancing_ghost) wrote in glimpseatmyday,

What's in my purse?

Some paint samples. We're painting our bathroom cabinets these colors.

A pile of receipts.

I was buying frames on Saturday, and these are the measurements. I didn't get them all, so I didn't throw it out.

Two pens and a highlighter.

Wallet. (Yes I like Kate Spade. I'm cheap, though, so I only buy it on sale haha.)

A hair tie.

Our closest Aldi is undergoing a remodel, and they were kind enough to give us coupons for the inconvenience of having to travel to a different one. I love Aldi! (They gave us three with different dates throughout the remodel period!)

Activity sheet from the corn maze we went to on Saturday.

My cat's paw prints. I'm going to get one of them tattooed on me today, but I haven't decided which one yet since none of them are great. (Probably one of the ones on the left.)

Work keys.

Work ID. This used to be attached to my lanyard but the loop broke off.

Front of the ID holder.

Personal keys. The owl is Hedwig and the dragon is Drogon.

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