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What's in my Purse Challenge

The giant monstrosity that is my bag. I use to for work, and when we go out I just take my wristlet.

Funny story: This is actually a beach bag..and when I bought it, my SO told me there was no way in the world I could ever fill it, or need a bag that big. I quickly proved him wrong. I take it to work, and can fit everything in it including my lunchbox. I also use it to take my son to his doctors appointments which normally take all day and can easily fit his iPad, toys, snacks, and everything he could possibly need in it. My favorite! & it's reversible.

everything in it... I just switched to this bag from my other one early last week so its actually in good shape

my laptop

not sure why the picture is upside down but.. we'll go with it. My son's bag of skittles, and my container from breakfast this morning. I had raspberries in yogurt with granola.

my handy new wristlet/wallet! It's surprisingly well cleaned and organized. I just got it on Sunday because the zipper thing broke off my old one and was really annoying me.

Random mail & coupons

phone charger

office keys, car/house keys, ear buds, and sunglasses

computer charger, work cell phone, and charger

my little snowman bag & extra brush

small brush, tampon, bracelet, 2 hair ties, hair clip, two lip balms, 3 prescription medications, my moisturizer and hand cream


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