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What's in my purse?

Today is the day! We have one post already sharing and now I'm doing it. Now it's your turn!

My purse is emptier than usual for some reason, but

My wallet. It's really heavy with too many coins in it. I need a new one because the zipper is breaking on the coin part.

I have lots of cards in my wallet: my driver's license, my credit cards, health insurance card, library card, costco card, and more.

My work ID.

A pen.

My checkbook, which I really only use when I drop Checkers off at the babysitter.

My keys: car keys, house keys, work keys.

I have a strap to make my purse go crossbody.

A piece of candy.

A tampon.

A receipt from USPS from yesterday. I mailed a book for bookmooch and bought more stamps for postcards.

Bubblegum that Amber gave us at the bachelorette party.

I accidentally took these home with me, but this is the key to my parents' house. I'm not sure what happened to mine.

Justin put this in my purse to give Mike at work, but I keep forgetting. It's to help with too tight of necks in men's shirts.

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