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Week of Outfits 8.8-8.14.17

Tuesday, August 8th. While I was dressed up earlier in the day, I forgot to take pictures.  I napped and then sometime that afternoon changed into casual clothes to work the 6pm-8pm shift at my and my husband's pet store.

Wednesday, August 9th.  I spaced and forgot.

Thursday, August 10th. Dressed up for one of two days at my school district's new employee orientation.  I was a bit overdressed.

Friday, August 11th.  Less dressed up.  More comfortable.

Saturday, August 12th.  I wasn't feeling super great that day, and took the morning off from our store (it's only open Tuesday and Thursdays 6pm-8pm, Saturdays 9am-3pm as we're in a small town and it couldn't support much more), caught up on email and just relaxed.  I headed over there at about noon.

Sunday, August 13th.  We went to a new wine & paint place (which is super big-city for this town) and I had set these out to take pictures of them in the light. And of course I'm blocking my own.  It was warm that day so I wore a dress.

Monday, August 14th.  First teacher-work day for the year!  This is pretty much what I'll wear most days while teaching.


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