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Outfit Challenge - August 8 - 14

I joined the challenge that began last Tuesday, August 8.

The first thing I should note is that the only full-length mirror is in the bedroom, which I didn't even remember (because I don't usually get ready in there) until the weekend. So, these aren't exactly "full-length," but you get the idea! Also taking selfies in a mirror feels really awkward, but a selfie stick did not work. (I may or may not have tried!)

Tuesday, August 8 is the only one with two outfits. The first is what I wore to work.

The second is what I wore to the Willie Nelson & Kacey Musgraves concert that evening. Sadly, because it is not full-length you cannot see my cowboy boots in the second photo. Visualize them.

Wednesday, August 9 - Just a normal workday

Thursday, August 10 - I had a court hearing today, so I brought a blazer to wear with my dress. So, here is the with (for court) and without (the rest of the day).


Friday, August 11 - I was off work and went to a little resort town in Idaho for the afternoon and for a concert (Beats Antique), so it was a dress down day.

Saturday, August 12 - All the smoke in the air caught up to me, and I felt like I had a cold most of the day. I only wore this outfit for about an hour, during which I went for a follow up appointment for my contact lens fitting. Otherwise, I was in PJs and didn't take a photo of that for some reason! (You can see I remembered the long mirror today, which also needs a good Windexing. Heh.)

Sunday, August 13 - Mostly I spent the day cooking and watching football, but I did go out in the morning to do grocery shopping. The weather changed overnight for the first glimpse at fall. It was lovely. It was a total no makeup, glasses, brush your hair is enough kinda day. The best kind.

Monday, August 14 - Back to work! I left for work really early today, so it's back to the bathroom mirror.

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